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Spawn creator Todd McFarlane is finally set to write, produce, and direct his dream version of a Spawn movie, which is actually happening this time due to backing from Jason Blum and his company Blumhouse, the company behind Paranormal Activity, Insidious, The Purge, Split, Get Out, and next week’s Happy Death Day. If you haven’t guessed from that, the new Spawn film will be a horror movie, set from a cop’s perspective, with Spawn as more of a menacing creature/monster than protagonist.

At New York Comic Con, McFarlane had a chat with ComicBook.com to talk about the film, including potential sequels and casting.

The first film is expected to carry a budget of $10 million to $12 million, a number much lower than your typical superhero fare, but right in line with what is spent on other Blumhouse productions, leading to their profitability. McFarlane explained how the low budget could open the door for sequels:

“If we can do it and get the opening that I think we can get; if we get the same number of people that came 20 years ago, the same number of people, in today’s dollars that’s $40,000,000. Then it will allow you again to go, let’s get to the next one, let’s get to the next one, let’s get to the next one. I’ve told people that at the end of the first movie there’s two directions you can go.”

As far as casting Spawn, McFarlane says he has taked with “some big A-list actiors,” though he would not reveal any names and stressed that an A-List actor isn’t essential to make the film work:

“I don’t want to put anybody on the spot there. A lot of creep movies just work on their own without a big star. Think about your two or three favorite creepiest movies, most of them don’t have stars in it, or they weren’t the stars probably that they maybe became later. I know we’re going to have that conversation of, let’s just do the creep and it’s just going to work on its own. The lead character in the movie, which is a cop, at worst I just need somebody that will act their ass off, that is just a great actor. That opens up the bucket a little bit wider than saying you need an A-lister to put on, so we’ll see.”

Spawn is expected to go into production by February 2018. There is no release date set as of yet.

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SOURCE: ComicBook.com

  • axebox

    If Todd were to not direct, that would allow the financiers to not see it as a risk and raise the budget, which would open it up for a bigger star and a higher chance the movie will do better (higher budget means higher marketing budget, higher market penetration). Seems ego driven to me.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    I don’t think the world want’s a McFarlane directed Spawn movie. It’s like a movie director wanting to turn their movie into a comic, and wanted to do the drawings themselves with no prior drawing experience.

  • randomironicname

    Spawn debuted at the peak of my awkward teenage collector phase and I remember it being huge, but it has not aged well. I don’t have even an ounce of nostalgia for the source material so I have zero interest in this project. Especially if MacFarlane is directing! He would be like a (very) poor man’s Michael Bay playing in a horror genre.

  • I’ve seen this same story about once/year for the past 15 years and it gets much less interesting each time I read it.

  • Brafdorf

    This change to the story sounds like a terrible idea.
    He’s wasting this characters story. Is he focusing on Sam and Twitch instead??

  • Psychotic Bitch With a Knife

    VFJ should do Spawn. No one wants a McFarlane directed Spawn movie.


    For starters, they should at least finish the story that the 90s adult-themed animated series tried to tell that came on HBO. The series lagged in some areas but didn’t get around to Violator’s brothers, The Redeemer, Tiffany or Angela.

    A new film will bomb horribly, especially with such a modest budget. Also, this should be called Sam & Twitch since Spawn won’t really be in it.

    Overall, this will suffer the same fate Blade Runner just did if there’s nothing to lead folks into this world prior to a new film. Spawn today, is essentially a new franchise starting from the ground up. No reason to rush it; plus if it’s truly a R rated film that cuts down on most of its earnings if the trailers aren’t out of this world fantastic to pull people in.