– by Campbell Clark

Production is ramping up on Spider-Man: Far From Home, whilst many of the cast of Homecoming are returning, we still await confirmation of any new villains. It’s been rumoured for a long time that Sony and Marvel want Jake Gyllenhall to play Mysterio, but as yet we have no confirmation of this piece of casting.

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However is it possible that Marvel have just cast the role of Chameleon? Deadline reports that actor Numan Acar (Homeland) has been cast in the role of Dmitri. Now the name alone doesn’t give much away, but one of the versions of Chameleon in the comics was called Dmitri Smerdyakov. It’s also worth noting that Numan Acar is fluent in many different languages, which could be useful playing a master of disguise, no?

Of course, it could also be some random character Peter comes across called Dmitri, we cannot say for certain at this point. However, Chameleon showing up in this movie is a good bet at this point considering Peter is swinging into action in Europe (a move I’m still not sure about).

Hopefully, considering production has already started we will hear more about the main villain and any other new casting choices sooner rather than later. Jon Watts is directing again, from a script by Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna and it is expected but not yet confirmed that Michael Keaton will reprise his role as Vulture in the movie.

As soon as we hear more, we will share it with our readers. Tell us what you think of Acar’s casting and whether you agree with us that he could be playing a version of Chameleon?

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SOURCE: Deadline