– by Seth McDonald

So it looks like all that talk about Star Trek 4 actually making progress wasn’t just lip service. Ever since before Star Trek Beyond hit, there was talk of a film co-starring Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth as father and son James Kirk and father George Kirk. As we saw in that late-2000s reboot film, George lost his life in the opening sequence, but through the use of time travel, they had hoped to bring him back.

With Star Trek Beyond underperforming at the box-office a few years back, and the project was seemingly put on ice. However, it looks like this idea is still a go, and on the heels of news involving a Tarantino-written Star Trek film, news of this old concept also rose to the forefront, with star Zachary Quinto pretty much saying they’d be working on this film next.

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Now, Omega Underground is reporting that Star Trek 4 is on its way, with a production start date slated for some time this coming January. Should this actually be the case, however, this could be a conflict for Zoe Saldana, who could star in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which is expected to shoot in the same month. Does this lend some extra weight to certain events in Infinity War? Additionally, the production is looking at locations in the UK and Atlanta, Georgia. With that in mind, it’s very possible that she could participate in both productions simultaneously if she was scheduled properly.

With Star Trek 4, S.J. Clarkson is reportedly set to direct, with her being the first female director in the long-running film franchise.

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