– by Emmanuel Gomez

Background Image by Emmanuel Gomez, StocktonCon 2015

Background Image by Emmanuel Gomez, StocktonCon 2015

   We are back! We apologize for the 2 week gap as those adult responsibilities caught up with us. We return this week for the dreaded 13th episode with a spotlight on comic book conventions. Jace and I have years of experience attending shows mostly on the west coast and with CON season starting up, we wanted to take a moment to share some of our tips and tricks for planning and attending comic book shows. Also we take some time (late we know) to take a look at some of the titles coming out in April. We wrap up the episode with the titles we are looking forward to this week. If you have any extra tips feel free to chime in below!

9 Panel Grid

Episode 13

Spotlight, Future Picks and Source Words


  1. Spotlight on Conventions

    1. Prep and Planning

    2. Day of the Show

    3. Food

    4. Panels

    5. Artist Alley Etiquette

    6. Final Word

  2. Future Picks

    1. Previews – #341 February for Items Shipping in April

  3. Upcoming Books for March 1st