– by Anthony Esteves

Courtesy of Fox

Courtesy of Fox

The episode opens with Nilaa sitting at a table inside a holding room. Rebecca enters the room and sits across from Nilaa. She goes on to explain that they have discovered doctored video of her and that all evidence pointing to Nilaa as assisting the terrorists was falsified. Nilaa is free, but she worries that the damage is done; that everyone on the campaign has already judged her. Rebecca tells her it was John who revealed the doctored video. As Rebecca talks to Nilaa, John Donovan stands at the widow back at the compound looking out. He watches as his father Henry is taken into custody, having admitted to John that he gave the terrorists the names of the now deceased members of Eric’s Ranger team.

While Keith is trying to track Eric, Rebecca plays it off as if she has no idea what Eric is up to. When Eric eventually calls CTU, he explains to Keith that he plans to use the schematics he obtained to temp Gabriel into a deal and then capture him. Keith agrees and prepares a Response Team to back Eric up. Meanwhile, Jadalla’s men are anxious and Kusuma feels they should launch one cell attack. Jadalla refuses, reminding him the plan is to launch all fifteen cell attacks at once.

While all this is happening, Khasan and Amira have the misfortune of going home and being surprised by their father, who seems to know more than he is letting on.

Courtesy of Fox

Courtesy of Fox

The intensity is building and the story is growing more complex as we delve deeper into the plot of 24: Legacy. People we thought were moles are redeemed. People we thought were trustworthy have skeletons in the closet. Through all of it, our new protagonist grows more comfortable with the hero he is destined to be in the 24 universe.

After helping save his life from a double-cross, Nicole is trying to calm down a paranoid Isaac, who is going on an extreme vetting of his crew’s cellphones to see who else may be betraying him. Keith at CTU knows Andy helped Eric get the schematics but he can’t prove it. So until he can, he removes all of Andy’s clearance, making it difficult for Rebecca and Eric to getthe intel they need. Reacting to their father’s apparent knowledge of their plot, Khasan attacks him and Amira helps Khasan restrain him with a heavy amount of duct tape. 

All this leads up to the moment Eric and Ben arrive at the warehouse location. The two are quickly surrounded by armed men, brought down to their knees and introduced to the arms dealer Gabriel. We learn that Gabriel holds a disdain toward Ben due to a failed deal and the loss of $50,000. Gabriel will not take part in any deals with Ben, but is willing to give Eric a chance under one condition: that Eric shoot and kill Ben.

It is here where Corey Hawkins, the actor portraying Eric Carter, shows a bit of his emotional range. He looks down at Ben and you can see the mix of pain and anger on his face. The anger he has for the errors in judgement Ben has made. Errors that have resulted in the death of their brothers in arms and potentially allowing terrorists to attack the nation. Pain because, even after all that, Ben is still a brother. A man he has trusted with his life in the past. These emotions are presented beautifully by Hawkins’ face as he portrays Eric.

Courtesy of Fox

Courtesy of Fox

Eric says he will not kill Ben and drops the gun. Gabriel is impressed by Eric’s loyalty… and then has one of his men shot and kill Ben. Gabriel tells Eric they will do a background check on Eric. If all pans out, they have a deal. If it does not, then Eric joins Ben. 

A new twist rears its ugly head. During the interrogation with Rebecca, Henry states that John has made up this entire statement. John stands on the other side of the glass and watches as his own father explains that he has no idea why John would claim that he would say such a thing. John barges in and yells in his father’s face, but to no avail. Henry stands by his claims and Rebecca asks John to exit the room.

In a separate room, where it is Gabriel, Eric and one of Gabriel’s men, Gabriel finishes his background check on Eric and is satisfied. Eric gives Gabriel the final access codes of the schematics and as he and his guy are focused, Eric attacks, disarms and holds the two at gunpoint. Eric tells Gabriel he wants information on Jadalla Bin-Khalid, the terrorist he sold arms to. When Gabriel denies it, Eric contacts CTU to send in the Response Team.

At the terrorist hideout, Jadalla is informed that the launch text code has been sent to one of the cells: Khasan and Amira. Unable to stop it, Jadalla discovers it was Kusuma who issued the order and puts a bullet in his head.Back at the warehouse, Gabriel secretly warns his men and a firefight between CTU and Gabriel’s men takes place. CTU is able to get the upper hand but not before Gabriel slits his own throat, dying immediately. As CTU attempts to download his files from his laptop, an automatic data wipe takes place on his hard drive. In a last ditch effort to save what he can, Eric grabs the laptop, brings it to Gabriel’s body and places his thumb on the print scanner. This action stops the data wipe and Eric orders the team to get whatever information they can off the computer as quickly as possible.

And the clock ticks down to 5:00pm…