– by Seth McDonald

Marvel comics legend, Stan Lee, was hospitalized last night for irregular heartbeat and shortness of breath. The 96-year-old was taken to Cedar-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles and was released this morning.

Lee spoke about the situation to ABC Los Angeles.

“All I really want to do is tell you that I’m feeling great. I figured a little check up wouldn’t be bad for me. And in fact it turned out to be pretty good, it got me a lot of publicity. I’m feeling good now and I can’t wait to get in there and tangle with all the competition. It’s nice to know that somewhere in the world there are still people who care about what I say or do.”

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You can check out the interview below:

Lee, optimistic as always, is eager to get back to work. We say take it easy Mr. Lee, as you have many more cameo appearances to make. Stan Lee is the man behind Marvel, and is responsible for creating, or co-creating the vast majority of superhero characters we see on the big screen today. His cameos in each film are a constant easter egg that fans look at as a bonus with each film.

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Source: ABC Los Angeles (via SlashFilm)