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Another week, another Star Wars: Episode 9 rumor. It’s now getting to the point where something is cropping up on social media, Reddit or fan forums on a daily basis and the vast majority of these are about as likely to be true as me becoming the next President of the United States.

However, mixed inside this mish-mash of garbage and fan fiction, there are occasionally little nuggets of gold to be found and we have one such example of this today for you. You know how we look at rumors and leaks by now, if you follow us here at LRM. If we hear something from one source, we call it a rumor, if the source seems legit. But when we hear the same piece of information coming from two different sources independently, well, then we have to start thinking of that as a proper leak.

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***Warning! Potential SPOILERS for Star Wars: Episode 9 below***




Over the weekend a user on Reddit by the name of Xyzsvtabc posted some leaked information they gathered at a marketing presentation by Disney. A lot of that marketing confirmed information anyone could have gotten by a few internet searches around Galaxy’s Edge and the new Galaxy of Adventures shorts. There was also some small details around Episode 9, you can check that thread out Here. Almost immediately this was tagged as BS by most of the Reddit users, as it seemed like the old trope of trying to prove it’s legit by posting some things everyone knows then throwing in something they don’t. Happens every day, move along, nothing to see here.

Though on this occasion, scoop site Making Star Wars ran with this rumor, because it backed up exactly what they heard from a completely different source at Pinewood Studios, which is like a smoking gun in this business. So let’s get right to it, shall we?

Both sources confirmed the following points:

Supreme Leader Kylo Ren will once again use his destroyed helmet in this movie. This helmet has been repaired and patched up using some sort of red colored crystalline bonding material. The outlets source couldn’t say whether this helmet was used much in Episode 9 or for one or two moments only? However, it does seem as if it will be featured heavily in the marketing of the movie.

BB-8 will get a sidekick in Episode 9. Another droid named D.O (or Dio) which is much smaller and can potentially hide inside of BB-8. The droid apparently looks a little like it has a megaphone for a head. The Pinewood source also says that this droid has a sort of parent/child relationship with BB-8 in the movie.

That’s about it, folks. Nothing major or super spoilery, but this is likely very legit information, as when it is legit, it usually is the small things. So what we can take from this is that after The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren still hasn’t given up his mask completely, though perhaps that will be something touched on again in this movie?

Despite my confidence in this information, as always please judge for yourself, rather than take my word for it.

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SOURCE: Making Star Wars, Xyzsvtabc (via Reddit)