Wes Anderson’s Next Film In Productions, First Story And Cast Details Revealed

Wes Anderson has only just recently cleansed his filmmaking palate earlier this year with the delightful stop-motion film Isle of Dogs, but that isn't slowing him down. It looks like he's already hard at work

New Once Upon A Deadpool Teaser Boasts 20 Minutes Of New Footage

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vf9R-H4x_ew As we've written about extensively in the past several weeks, Deadpool 2 is headed back to theaters -- but not in the most predictable way possible. Instead of giving us a typical, expletive-laced follow-up

Alfonso Cuarón Snags Key Best Film And Best Director Awards At The WAFCA Awards

This morning, the folks over at the Washington DC Area Film Critics Association (an organization of which our resident critic Fox Troilo is a member) announced their list of winners in various categories for this

Bumblebee: Dylan O’Brien To Voice Titular Autobot

I'm not gonna lie. When we first reported about Bumblebee actually getting a voice in the upcoming Bumblebee standalone film, I didn't actually think that meant he'd be getting a voice. As in the other

Men In Black Reboot Will Have More Action Than Previous Films, Says Star Tessa Thompson

  Men in Black is one of those upcoming reboots I'm not really convinced is happening. Sure, it has a cast and has already made its way through production, but I guess I think about

Stephen King’s The Outsider Headed To HBO

Somehow, in his ripe old age of 71, author Stephen King still manages to be one of the most prolific mainstream authors out there, with his novels currently totaling around 58, not including a ton

DC: J.K. Simmons Still Contractually Obligated To Play Gordon Again

For the most part, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a solid rock. Sure, there tend to be some changes here and there over the years, and there have been a few actors and directors

Doctor Sleep Wraps Production

Filmmaker Mike Flanagan has been on a roll lately with his projects. Since his horror mystery Oculus, Flanagan has been providing audiences with frighteningly good entertainamnet like Ouija: Origin Of Evil, his adaptation of the Stephen King novel Gerald’s Game and

New Black Mirror Episode Or Season Hitting Later This Month?

There is something quite timeless about the Twilight Zone-esque stories. With the clever mix of weird tech, new perspectives, and social commentary, these kinds of stories really do age incredibly well. It's no wonder why

Gotham: Jeremiah Goes Full Joker In New Teaser?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stEhhnHIKfU Gotham has been a bit of an interesting beast. Initially, many believed the show would be a more grounded take on Gotham City that followed James Gordon in the years leading up to when