Star Wars: Has Colin Trevorrow’s Early Version Of Star Wars: Episode IX Leaked?

Over the last 24 hours it has been revealed initially through Reddit that someone has leaked an early version of Colin Trevorrow’s script for Star Wars: Episode 9 online. Though you may be forgiven for not buying this in a Star Wars subreddit, since it hit, there have been many outlets quick to back up this claim and say that their own sources are indicating it is genuine.

The latest is The Playlist, who claims they were also on the hunt for this script and now that it has appeared their sources confirm it is genuine. They also claim Trevorrow’s version of Episode 9 would have been called Star Wars: Duel of the Fates. I can’t, in the context of this article, give all the details of this script, but you can find the most detailed breakdown that is out there currently by clicking into the original Reddit post in the Source section below.

Though let me do my best to get out the biggest reveals for this story if I can?

Let’s begin with the fact that there was no Palpatine, other than the fact that Kylo Ren finds a message from Papa Palps, pointing him towards an even older Sith Master. Therefore as you’d imagine, Rey was not a Palpatine, her parents really were nobody. Rey is told by Leia that the Force chose her, so it does not matter where she came from. The Planet of Coruscant would have heavily featured, with characters like Rose and Finn on the planet now controlled by Chancellor Hux, trying to stir up a civilian uprising. Lando was present, and Leia had a bigger role which makes sense given that Fisher’s untimely passing probably happened after this draft was written.

The majority of the plot seems to revolve around the Resistance trying to build up a force to fight back against the First Order, whilst Force Ghost Luke both trains Rey, and also haunts Kylo Ren. In this version of the story Kylo Ren has made his choice and despite the interventions of Luke, he dies the villain at the hands of Rey, rejecting the Light Side. The Knights of Ren are hunting down the resistance and seem to have had a bigger role in this version. The final battle would have taken place in two locations, a space battle and ground battle on Coruscant, along with Kylo Ren and Rey facing one another on Mortis, fans of The Clone Wars will recall the Force significance of that planet.

There are a lot more specifics if you want to go check it out. However, if this is true, we also have to remember it is an early draft, and as such, certain aspects were not fully realized yet. It is unknown if Trevorrow had more advanced version of this script ready, or whether this treatment was what prompted Kennedy’s decision to replace directors. In terms of how fans are reacting to this version of the script, well it’s Star Wars, so naturally, there are some fans wishing we had got this movie, along with others thankful they got The Rise of Skywalker.

For myself, having only read the summary I see some of the same problems that I felt with the version of the movie we actually got. In my opinion, Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi didn’t give us anything to resolve in the final episode, there were no real new mysteries to solve, no hints back to the prequels or story that could develop into an ending for the nine-part saga.

So far I have seen two versions of a story crafted after The Last Jedi, one which just tries to make an ending to the Skywalker Saga and be damned what happened in Johnson’s movie (the one we saw at cinemas), and this one which tries to honor the path Johnson took things with Kylo Ren being the big bad. So far, neither are particularly interesting takes to me, and neither feel like the ending of a nine-part saga, they both simply feel like an ending to the very small story being told across this trilogy.

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So the challenge is out there folks because anyone I have asked cannot come up with a good ending that follows on from The Last Jedi. If anyone thinks they can give a rough outline for a movie which follows The Last Jedi and also feels like the final chapter of all nine episodes, then detail it below, because anyone I have asked simply says there would be a way, they just don’t know what it would be themselves, and I’m doubtful at this point.

Share your thoughts below on anything Star Wars: Episode 9 related, and what you think of this version of the story?

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SOURCE: The Playlist, Reddit

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