– by Joseph Jammer Medina

As Star Wars fans, we all have our own opinions about the recent Last Jedi film. Many of our staff and commenters’ opinions range from the movie being a dud, a disappointment, an okay experience, or the best Star Wars film to date. No one seems to agree on a lot in regards to the movie and its overall quality.

In the time since the film’s release, many of us have also been quick to point out just why we’re right. The week following the film’s release, I wrote up a piece on why hardcore fans were wrong about Star Wars, and the next day, our very own David Kozlowski wrote up a piece on why critics were wrong about the film.

It’s a movie everyone wants to have an opinion about, and many fans have gotten into overly-heated debates on it. However, actor John Boyega recently took to Twitter to post a vague message that could very well be in response to the entire controversy.

While Boyega doesn’t explicitly state that this is about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it’s not a stretch to assume that’s what he’s talking about. When all said and done, he’s definitely right. Film — as with all art — is subjective. In the heat of passion, it’s easy to assume that all our own opinions are fact. It’s something we’ve all done, and hell, it’s something I’ve done plenty of times on this very site (as many of you are rightfully quick to point out).

If nothing else, Star Wars: The Last Jedi should be praised by the passion it’s bringing out of fans, as well as the rampant conversation across the web. After all these years, we’re all as precious as ever about a franchise that could have very well ended back in the ‘80s. I say that’s a win.

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SOURCE: John Boyega

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