– by Joseph Jammer Medina

As Star Wars fans, we all have our own opinions about the recent Last Jedi film. Many of our staff and commenters’ opinions range from the movie being a dud, a disappointment, an okay experience, or the best Star Wars film to date. No one seems to agree on a lot in regards to the movie and its overall quality.

In the time since the film’s release, many of us have also been quick to point out just why we’re right. The week following the film’s release, I wrote up a piece on why hardcore fans were wrong about Star Wars, and the next day, our very own David Kozlowski wrote up a piece on why critics were wrong about the film.

It’s a movie everyone wants to have an opinion about, and many fans have gotten into overly-heated debates on it. However, actor John Boyega recently took to Twitter to post a vague message that could very well be in response to the entire controversy.

While Boyega doesn’t explicitly state that this is about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it’s not a stretch to assume that’s what he’s talking about. When all said and done, he’s definitely right. Film — as with all art — is subjective. In the heat of passion, it’s easy to assume that all our own opinions are fact. It’s something we’ve all done, and hell, it’s something I’ve done plenty of times on this very site (as many of you are rightfully quick to point out).

If nothing else, Star Wars: The Last Jedi should be praised by the passion it’s bringing out of fans, as well as the rampant conversation across the web. After all these years, we’re all as precious as ever about a franchise that could have very well ended back in the ‘80s. I say that’s a win.

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SOURCE: John Boyega

  • Rad4Cap

    “all art — is subjective”

    Yup. No objective standards of reality by which to judge any art as better or worse than any other. Casablanca. The Godfather. There is no rational way to claim they are better works of art than “Birdemic” or “Manos”.

    :eye roll:

    • Tonk99

      Agree. Yes art is subjective but by no means equal or worthy of equal appreciation. There are certain undeniable traits that evevate certain pieces of art above others otherwise the rubbish I was painting in Grade 2 could be considered on par with the Sistine Chapel.

      • Ian Finnimore

        Half & shark & an unmade bed most certainly are art!!

        Nope sorry scrap that :-p

  • GZ3

    It’s funny to see how film reviewers keep defending this piece of crap movie. I think I have seen much better lightsaber fights at comic-cons than what we saw on TLJ.

    • Duck O’Death

      Have to see the movie again to make my mind up about it. But a major gripe was that there was no legitimate lightsaber duel, and we see so little of Luke doing anything. The battles in the video games have looked more interesting than what’s been in the last 2 films. Still think TLJ is a good movie at least, and more interesting than Force Awakens.

      • Doug

        I keep reading, over and over, people disappointed in the film, then talk about some book, or some video game, or some comic book or some fan theory they read, which they thought was better.

        Maybe its time to watch the movies and take the movie as a movie.

        • Kindofabigdeal

          Well to be fair all of those video games, cartoons, and comics had stories that were far more interesting. All of the cinematic cuts from The Old Republic should have been what this movie should feel like. I understand Johnson wanting to put his own stamp on the universe, but it felt so removed from everything else it’s left the fanbase divided. But perhaps it’s been divided for a much longer time. Prequels vs OT was an ongoing battle, it simply replaced the names of the sides just like the First Order/Resistance. Same old story, just a new argument.

  • Spencer Garver

    this argument could be used for anything… also when will people defending the movie from people who dont like it realize its not just angry fanboys not getting their visions, its because the movie is just poorly written and the plot has holes you could drive a truck through. I’m by no means a super nerd, but even I can pick apart this movie

    • syambo87

      What are some of the plot holes of Last Jedi?… It was a disappointment that it didnt solve the plot holes created in the Force Awakens… Critics definitely love the movie… and the movie is crossing a billion dollars by the end of the week… everyone has their opinion… but the next question is are the fans who like it right? or the fans who dont like it right? …

      People came out of Phantom Menace loving it only to hate it later… People came out of Empire Strikes back with mixed feelings only to appreciate it as being the best of the original saga… i’m just gonna wait out and see… i’m still gonna see episode 9.. but i honestly would like to know some of those plot holes in 8… The Casino Scene felt out of place but it was necessary to show a third side to this galactic battle between Rebels and First Order… a side that doesn’t care so long as they can make money,stay rich and live their lives…

      George Lucas did say in an interview how he based the Empire from the American Government and the Rebels were Russian Communist…

      • Doug

        I don’t remember walking out of Phantom Menace loving it.

        • Lenin1959

          My Phantom Menace experience was painful. Even more painful than Last Jedi – but Last Jedi is a far too close second to Phantom Menace.

        • David E

          Not many did. Loved the end fight, and Nothing else.

          • TheOct8pus

            That’s pretty much the standard review for the Phantom Menace

        • TheOct8pus

          I left the theater confused…. I think the reason many people “loved it” on first viewing was because the last 15-20 minutes are nonstop action, causing them to forget that the previous hour and a half was boring as shit. Because of this, they left the theater on a high note. Most people just told themselves that it was just a setup for the “real” stuff which was about to come….of course, that turned out to be Attack of the Clones, which may have been a step down from the Phantom Menace

          • Lenin1959

            NO star wars movie can be a step down from Phantom Menace. Phantom Menace was horribly bad except for the fight of the jedi vs. the sith. Everything else was just a disaster. Attack of the Clones is about as good or bad as The Last Jedi.

      • Tonk99

        Please provide a link to that quote from Lucas. Because if you can’t I’ll have to assume you’re talking out your arse. Yes, Star Wars has real world analogues but Lucas has NEVER been that specific in stating that analogy.

        • syambo87

          shove this up your arse…

          “Although there are parallels between Emperor Palpatine and dictators such as Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte, the direct inspiration for the saga’s evil antagonist was actually an American president. According to J.W. Rinzler’s “The Making of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi,” when asked if Emperor Palpatine was a Jedi during a 1981 story conference, Lucas responded, “No, he was a politician. Richard M. Nixon was his name. He subverted the senate and finally took over and became an imperial guy and he was really evil. But he pretended to be a really nice guy.” In a 2005 interview published in the Chicago Tribune, Lucas said he originally conceived “Star Wars” as a reaction to Nixon’s presidency. “It was really about the Vietnam War, and that was the period where Nixon was trying to run for a [second] term, which got me to thinking historically about how do democracies get turned into dictatorships? Because the democracies aren’t overthrown; they’re given away.”…

          the part about the rebels were like Russian is from another part… there are a lot of George Lucas interviews… it was either Rian Johnson or Mark Hamill who said it at a talk show about Lucas’s original inspiration for Star Wars… i just watched it a few days back… i’ll look for the link to give you more stuff to shove up your arse…you’re welcome by the way…

          • Ian Finnimore

            To be fair – Lucas has flip flopped thousands of times…

            The movies were about the droids – hence the tv series named after them, then the movies were about Anakin hence the prequels.

            Then there was no story after EP6 – that was it but the EU was for the fans, it was their world & he’d left explicit instructions that there would be no more films incase he died ….

            The prequels, where Palpatine controls both sides has been referenced as similar to the USA creating their enemies i.e Bin Laden was trained by the CIA ….

            Your quote is no less valid – he just makes lots of random statements unfortunately.

    • TheOct8pus

      You know Spencer….. people like things you don’t….like it’s a really big planet. In case you forgot…

    • Kindofabigdeal

      I personally think he’s referring to the embassy being moved to Jerusalem.

  • Gekk

    The film was pure garbage with a simplistic political message that tried to bang you over the head with. But what saved it was the genius way the writers kept creating tense, dramatic moments…only to have the characters make fun of it! That was pure brilliance!

    • Lenin1959

      The political message was: save the animals, leave the kids behind! Right?

      • Tonk99

        Correct. And that capitalism is evil.

        • Kindofabigdeal

          Tell that to Kanjiklub.

        • Gekk

          Capitalism is evil and rich people are horrible, except for the rich people and the giant corporations that have made BILLIONS from the Star Wars franchise.

  • Han’s Blaster

    I was surprised and really liked it Jammer. Like Kevin Smith I grew up with the original Star Wars and could kick myself for giving away my Ralph Mcqaurrie concept art prints from 1978. Sigh. Honestly though I go to a movie for entertainment, that’s it. Not for some preconceived notions regarding canon or what someone should or shouldnt act like. Many movies have stuck rigorously to canon and sucked big time. I didnt go in looking for answers and demanding them. The only thing I demanded was to be entertained by a good Star Wars movie and I got it.

  • M@rvel

    Wow so many cry babies in this comment section it’s pathetic….

    • Tonk99

      Wow, so many ad hominem comments being used to support baseless arguments.

      • M@rvel

        Still cryin’ huh?

  • Lenin1959

    He is right. Masochism exists – some people like getting whipped or even peed on and even pay for it, others don’t. To each their own.

    • Kindofabigdeal

      I like simple pleasures, like butter in my ass and lollipops in my mouth. That’s just me. That’s just something I enjoy.

      • Kratos

        Call me crazy, call me a pervert…but there’s one little thing I want to do in this life and that is to make a dollar and a cent in this business.

  • James g

    He’s just one of the reasons why it isn’t very good, he and daisy ridley lack any charisma whatsoever. I don’t rate him as an actor but that’s besides the point, neither of them can add any emotional depth to the shallow characters they inhibit.

    It’s hard to care about a movie when there’s no one worth caring about. The last Jedi is a disjointed mess of a movie, it may as well have been in real time such was the timespan, in fact both sequels have only added about 6 months to the saga. It’s taken 2 movies to move the story nowhere.

    • Tonk99

      Yeah, and for the story to go anywhere Ep IX will have to jump about ten years ahead to account for Leia’s death and a rebuilt Rebellion.

  • Behemothrex

    Hey Syambo87… Plot Holes in TLJ… Go!

    1) Starkiller base destroyed yet the First Order is even more powerful than before.
    2) The First Order can’t send one ship to jump ahead of the Rebel fleet?
    3) There is no friction in space, so any engine will eventually catch up to any other.
    4) There is no autopilot? or how about a droid to fly the ship into the Dreadnought.
    5) Hyper Space attacks?, if this was a thing droid ships would be specifically designed and used for this purpose.
    6) Luke makes a map so the Rebels can find him in their time of need, then ignores them when they show up.
    7) Rey flails around like the Last Airbender and somehow becomes a Master at Jedi combat.
    8) Why didn’t the First Order send 1000 Tie Fighters after the Rebel Fleet, it was shown that Kylo could fly through their shields and that just 3 Tie Fighters could almost destroy the Command Cruiser.
    9) Why did people have to die on the ships that ran out of fuel! Seriously shuttle them off, what was the point? What a terrible leader the Rebels have.
    10) Why did ships suddenly start to fall back when they ran out of fuel and loose attitude control, see plot hole 3.
    11) How is Finn (The Janitor) able to fly all of a sudden when it was specifically stated he has no flight experience, and he has been in a coma since the last movie.
    12) How were Finn and Rose able to leave the fleet without detection? If this could be done why didn’t all the shuttles just do it.
    13) Why is Poe not in the brig after a Mutiny.
    14) Opening a door to space has no effects on the people on the other side.

    Things that may not technically be plot holes but are annoying as fuck.

    1) Luke without using the Force can lift a 200 foot fishing spear.
    2) Rey is a Super Mary Sue, nothing she does ever fails she never grows as a character and she is needed to solve almost all problems, and is instantly good at everything with no need to train.
    3) Luke the Murderer!
    4) Canto Bight…lets save the animals in our PETA psa but leave the SLAVE CHILDREN behind.
    5) The Purple haired Admiral never tells anyone the plan, if they set this up as there may be a spy in our midst I could have bought it, but it came across as I am a woman you are a man you don’t know what you are doing so shut up.

    I could go on.

    And no I am not a rabid fan boy, I am an original Star Wars OG I saw Star Wars opening night in my town, but I can also enjoy a movie for movies sake. But when things are so blatantly bad it’s hard, this was a middle finger to the Star Wars Universe.

    • syambo87

      Great Points… I can agree with some but not all because some of them are too General to almost all science fiction… i dont disagree with everything you say but…

      1. Starkiller base is but 1 weapon… empire lost the death star but they had the support and the funds to have star ships… star cruisers imperial cruisers and a second death star… i doubt they dont have any money to still stay in power

      2. The First Order can’t send one ship to jump ahead of the Rebel fleet?
      cause they’re trailing someone in the vastness of space… they could lightspeed just 0.001 degrees of course and they’d still be lightyears away of each other… so they are chasing each other…
      simple story ending… why not just have the empire blast the rebels with everything they got… why does the villain talk and not just kill the villain… this is story telling i guess

      3) There is no friction in space, so any engine will eventually catch up to any other.
      … not to sure about the science here… how they’re converting energy into kinetic energy and how does a large object travel comparing to a smaller object ect…

      4) There is no autopilot? or how about a droid to fly the ship into the Dreadnought.
      you should ask this for ALL Star Wars movies… why so high tech but no autopilot

      5) Hyper Space attacks?, if this was a thing droid ships would be specifically designed and used for this purpose.
      someone probably thought about it… and figures why isnt it ever done… technically it should have the desired affect… maybe episode 9 droids will lead the army since BB8 can pilot anything…

      6) Maybe Luke was joking about helping… here’s a map in case its the end of the world and you despirately need me… Leia will be like.. we are in a middle of a war you helped get us this far.. now you’re running away?… his intent was for him to never be found.. he never made a map for people to find him… r2 was probably with him… banished r2… and probably ask the old guy from Force Awakens to hide the map from r2 so noone can find him… r2 has a gps history of LUke’s whereabouts.. probably… makes no sense why luke would plan such a thing.. thats a Force Awakens plot hole…

      7) We never see Luke train with a lightsaber in Empire Strikes under Yoda… suddenly he can duel Darth Vader?

      8) The meaning of Evil is how instead of just killing a Cockroach… you pull its legs off one by one… Bullying and Torturing… I guess… since they are so well funded they can actually pay triple the suppliers of weapons dealing with the rebels… maybe have the seller either not sell or sell faulty weapons… makes more money like that right?

      9) If everyone was on 1 ship… everyone would be dead… the empire would focus all their fire power on one ship… they were buying time to fuel the transports

      10) low fuel.. less velocity i guess

      11) How is Finn (The Janitor) able to fly all of a sudden when it was specifically stated he has no flight experience, and he has been in a coma since the last movie.
      just like how Leia can back flip the millenium falcon in empire strikes back… peace a cake i guess… she probably has a degree in aeronautical engineering since she helped repair some parts of the millenium falcon…

      12) How were Finn and Rose able to leave the fleet without detection? If this could be done why didn’t all the shuttles just do it… they did… but too many people and too few ships… and the fuel to oil all the tiny ships couldnt go long distance… so they needed to get as close to the planet and make their escape undetected… in order to stand a chance…

      13) Why is Poe not in the brig after a Mutiny… i was surprised at this one too… maybe cause Leia knows Poe will be a great leader… i thought he was going to be cuffed or tied up or something to be honest…

      14) Shield Generators… like how the Loading bay on the Death Star is never close… open to space… theres a force field…

      it bugged me how bb8 was the hero all the time and can pilot anything… but my children laugh so i guess that was for them… all the bb8 moments… my kids really cheered… they didn’t like the porgs… haha…

      and yeah.. Rey is too good for everything.. that she grew up in a desert and can swim all of a sudden… every super hero has to have a weakness… so thats probably against the good story telling narrative…

  • JJWonderboy

    He’s talking about Bright (the new Netflix movie). If you actually read a little of the Twitter thread you’d see that within 5 secs.

    Bey, hey, let’s make an entire article out of it instead.

    Slow news day.

  • Johhny

    Luke who saw the good in his father the murderer would not fight him and tried to turn him back.
    Luke feels Kylo slipping but he has not killed anyone gives up and decides to murder him in his sleep.
    I want my money back
    This movie is trash

  • Nattown

    The movie is not Star Wars. Period. It’s a movie with Star Wars characters in it.

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