– by Seth McDonald

Youtube channel FXitinPost has shared a trailer for Scene 38 Reimagined which is an updated version of the famous lightsaber duel from Star Wars: A New Hope between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader. The duel took place aboard the first Death Star and was the first lightsaber duel that was seen by fans.

What I really enjoy about the video is it stays true to the old idea of George Lucas that the lightsabers were very heavy, Mark Hamill has said Lucas told him they were like Excalibur. For the most part both Vader and Kenobi keep both hands on their weapons and that is nice nod to the original fight scene.

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I am really excited to see the finished product, this is one of the more iconic duels in the history of both Star Wars  and cinema itself. Having said that Kenobi vs. Vader leaves something to be desired in comparison to other lightsaber fights as far as choreography. The original scene’s dialogue is what makes it iconic to me, the back and forth between the old friends overshadow the actual fight in my opinion, so to see this scene get the modern treatment should be a lot of fun.

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Source: FXitinPost