– by Seth McDonald

First, I want to be very clear in establishing that the following information is a rumor, and should be treated as such. The information in no way comes from LRM. I also want to give a warning that there is a possibility that the information could turn out to be true, and if that is the case, it would spoil the next installment of the latest Star Wars trilogy.

Star Wars: Episode IX is roughly a year and half away. With that said, a Reddit user by the name of FOOSLS claims to have seen an early storyboard for the film. The user has also posted what he has seen on Reddit. You’re probably thinking that this happens quite often on Reddit, and you would be right. The difference is, the same user made a similar post about The Last Jedi two years ago, and the scary part is, they were actually right about some of the things that happened in the film.

While FOOSLS didn’t specify exactly how, he predicted that Kylo Ren would kill Snoke, and that there would be a planet in the film that was the “Las Vegas” of the galaxy. Granted, they did get some things wrong about the film, and some of what he said changed slightly, but they did nail down the big twist of Snoke being killed, as well as Luke refusing to fight for either side. Add to that their claim of this being a very early version of the film, and that things could change.

You can check out his Last Jedi post here.

As far as his Episode 9 post, I have read it. It doesn’t really excite me, so I am hoping the information is wrong. Unfortunately, judging by the user’s previous post, I feel it is likely that at least some of what they said may turn out to be true. Again, I reiterate these are just rumors, but don’t we all just love to read them?

If you simply cannot resist, you can read the user’s comments on an early storyboard for Episode 9 here. 

If you decided to go ahead and read the post, let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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Source: Reddit