– by Jace Milam

In this episode we discuss:

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode 308

Rough Riders Spotlight

With Adam Glass and Patrick Olliffe


  1. Intro

    1. Adam – History with comics and previous work

    2. Patrick – History with comics and previous work

  2. Rough Riders

    1. Adam – Quick synopsis of the story and concept

      1. What are the origins of the this idea

    2. Patrick

      1. How did this collaboration come about

    3. What kind of research did you two do to prepare to tell this story?

    4. Have you had any history teachers reach out to you with feedback?

    5. How has the reception been overall?

    6. What’s been your favorite thing about the project?

    7. Future plans based on the teams we saw in the Rough Riders Nation special?

  3. Upcoming projects

  4. Social Media

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