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Star Wars: Skeleton Crew villain is rumored to be Davy Broccoli

According to the latest Barside Buzz, Star Wars: Skeleton Crew villain is rumored to be Davy Broccoli. Now, you may well be wondering who the hell Davy Broccoli is? Let me explain before we get to the rumor.

If you’ve watched The Mandalorian S3E1 there was a space pirate who’s name in the show is Gorian Shard. In our The Cantina Reviews episode that covered last week’s episode, you’ll see Kyle and I were not enthused about the design of Gorian. We both felt like he was too far into Pirates of the Caribbean territory. Basically, he looked like a space version of Davy Jones. Then Kyle came up with the name Davy Broccoli, which I thought was great and here we are. It’s not often Kyle comes up with something funny after all. /s

Rumored Skeleton Crew Villains

Well, sadly for us who didn’t like that design, Bespin Bulletin are reporting they’ve heard he’s coming back. The outlet had suspected when they saw these characters that they could be pirate antagonists they had heard were the villains for Skeleton Crew. Here is what they say they’ve discovered.

‘Though I unfortunately couldn’t get any confirmation on whether or not the Nevarro school is where Jude Law’s teacher character works, I did get a response regarding pirates seen in the episode possibly being the ones appearing in Skeleton Crew. Details are very sparse, but I was told by sources that they believe the pirates seen in Chapter 17: The Apostate would appear in Skeleton Crew as villains of the series. I don’t know for sure which pirates will appear. However it seems as if Pirate King Gorian Shard (the big green fella), will be one of the pirates appearing in Skeleton Crew and that he could be a leading antagonist.’

‘It’s also with mentioning that both myself and heard that a Nikto pirate would feature in Skeleton Crew, so I wonder if Vane, the pirate leading the charge to drink inside of a school, will also feature in the upcoming series? In addition, MakingStarWars previously mentioned hearing that other classic Star Wars species such as Weequay’s, Mol Calamarian’s, Rodian’s and more will appear as pirates in Skeleton Crew.’

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Now I’m slightly torn on this. I personally didn’t mind the pirates as characters in Mando. However I did absolutely have issues with their design and how Earth-piratey they were. I mean, why would a space pirate look like they’re made of seaweed, or maybe even Broccoli? Are they gonna make the kids walk the plank at some point?

So far we’eve not seen a whole lot of this pirate gang, so I will reserve judgment. However, I’m still not going to like those costume designs. Nor the design of Davy Broccoli, no matter how the character is depicted.

So, Davy Broccoli and his Black Pearl crew are rumored to be the villains of Star Wars: Skeleton Crew. Pinch of salt as always, but what would you think if this is correct? Should the character be renamed Davy Broccoli as it’s just cooler? Thoughts below as always.

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