– by Campbell Clark

Rest in peace, Admiral Ackbar, there are no more traps where you are going. In many ways, Star Wars character Admiral Ackbar became a comedy meme before memes were invented. Ackbar’ s costume always looked a bit fishy in Return of the Jedi (see what I did there?) and his immortal line “It’s a trap!” has been used a million times in different situations. I even remember seeing a restaurant called Ackbar’s in a city and immediately taking a photo and sending it to my friends with the tag line of ‘It’s a trap!’, suffice to say I never ate there.

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You may even be forgiven for not even noticing Admiral Ackbar during your viewing of The Last Jedi, it was a bit of a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment. Ackbar is on the bridge with General Organa as the First Order missile destroys the command bridge and sucks all the commanders into the vacuum of space. Only Leia Organa, obviously a descendant of a Kryptonian or an Asgardian, was able to make it back on board using the power of the Force.

Now As revealed in Marvel’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi #2, Admiral Ackbar notices the First Order torpedo attack headed his way and salutes his fellow Resistance members and says:

“Torpedoes inbound! … It’s been an honor serving with you all.”

Then the explosion kills him instantly along with most of the Resistance’s senior leadership.

Now, I know the question on your minds, who was writing this? If Ackbar is going to go out properly, then for damned sure you should have him declare that this is in fact, a trap before being killed. If Ackbar had stood up from his seat during the film and uttered that line, I might have liked the movie a whole lot better. Ok not really, but it would have made me laugh out loud in the cinema and since the film’s other jokes barely raised a smirk on my face, that would have been welcome. Yes, I’m still bitter and grumpy about the movie.

What do you think of the final words of the legendary Admiral Ackbar? Do you agree with some fans that Ackbar went out ‘like a punk’ in The Last Jedi? I’ll be honest and say I never even noticed he was dead until my second viewing.

Share your thoughts down below in the usual place and fear not, this is not a trap!

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