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Fans had choice thoughts regarding many different aspects of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Be it the main characters, the overall story, or its treatment of the villains, fans aren’t hurting for topics to discuss.

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One thing some fans point to as a disappointment was its non-use of the Knights of Ren. These were the characters Kylo Ren was seen standing next to in the Force Awakens flashback, but despite us going deeper into Kylo’s own mindset, the Knights of Ren were nowhere to be seen. Speaking on the Empire Podcast, director Rian Johnson discussed why he didn’t use them.

“I guess I could’ve used them in place of the Praetorian guards but then it would feel like wasting them because all those guards had to die. And if Kylo had some kind of connection to them it would’ve added a complication that wouldn’t have helped the scene…truth is I just didn’t see a place for them in the movie.”

In just a few sentences, Johnson also managed to debunk one prominent fan theory — that the Praetorian guards that Kylo Ren and Rey dispatch in the film were indeed the other members of the Knights of Ren. I can definitely understand his reasoning. You can’t just have Kylo Ren kill these guys if they ARE the Knights of Ren, as he has a history with them, and once you add in that element, you’re already adding in several minutes of potential complications.

Whether or not you’re pro-The Last Jedi, the plus side of this reveal is that it gives room for J.J. Abrams to utilize the gang in Episode IX.

What do you think of Johnson’s non-use of the Knights of Ren? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Empire Podcast (via MovieWeb)

  • Rian Johnson didn’t see a place in the film it seems for any of the things JJ Abrams set up. Of course part of the issue is that it seems J.J. had no idea where any of these hints were going. I’ve never seen a trilogy done like this ever. It’s like a TV show, they have a writers room to make sure they are all heading in the same direction. This is like a TV show without a writers room to maintain any kind of continuity or ‘vision’ for the overarching story.

    At least if they had kept GL outline intact they would have had a guide to work from. Everything I’ve read so far points me towards Johnson just writing his own Star Wars movie with no thought to the final act other than to destroy story threads he wasn’t keen on.

    • Kratos

      no they have a writers room…and its absolutely filled by SJW agenda driven feminazi’s (both male and female) who gave absolutely ZERO fucks when it came to writing a tale that in any way continued having a semblance of coherence with the previous films.

      • Joseph Jammer Medina

        Oh please. Stop with the SJW feminazi BS. Has nothing to do with any complaints about the film.

        • Kratos

          sooo…my reply to your reply was deemed not worthy of being posted. thanks.

          • Joseph Jammer Medina

            What reply?

          • This is a reply to his reply and he has replied with a reply asking what reply. It’s all clear to me now.

        • SC Polt

          While I wouldn’t get so far as Kratos, I think there are some legit complaints that the Casino plot, in addition to not adding to the overall story, not pushing the characters of Rose and Fin forward, and going on for way too long, also took a heavy handed approach to push certain political points of view. Rich gunrunners bad, freeing animals good, etc. It took me as an audience member out of the film (at least temporarily) because you could see that Disney and RJ wanted to get some political points across. It wasn’t the time or place for it.

    • CrystalClearTruth

      lol. obviously you never watched any of JJBinks’ previous TV fodder. Alias. Lost. All set up great “mysteries”. But everyone soon realized there was no plan to answer anything and when things were eventually explained, it was like ‘huh?, that’s it?’. All flash, no substance. I knew from the start Star Wars would be ruined.

      • That’s what I’m saying. I was worried when JJ was hired initially also as I’d seen the same things you mention.

        Sad times

  • TheFrank

    Disney has turned the franchise into a dumpster fire. They thought that they could do better than Lucas and they haven’t. Case Closed. Thanks for playing.

    A movie that should have gone past $700m+ domestic without so much as flinching is now looking like it’ll do $635-650m domestic at most. It just had it’s first sub-$1m day. The International BO isn’t saving them, either.

    Disney is in crisis mode on this. It seems that, every day, you see a new article with Rian trying to explain the poor script decisions. Inexcusable. Knowing the heavy-handedness that Disney employs when dealing with it’s franchises (see: Legacy, TRON), I’m really shocked that they allowed this to happen.

    Between this & “Solo” (not to mention the turbulence with Ep. 9 & Battlefront 2), it’ll be interesting to see if Kathleen Kennedy keeps her job. People have been fired for less.

    • Rad4Cap

      Since it’s been revealed that neither Lucasfilm NOR Disney see the NEED for ANY form of PLAN for what HAD been probably the world’s MOST popular franchise, I think the idea the idea that Disney is “heavy-handed” in regard to “it’s franchises” has been debunked. Not only was there no strong hand on the tiller, there was NO hand at all.

      THAT is the REALLY shocking thing to have come out of all of this – the SHEER disregard for ANY thought beyond the MOST immediate moment at hand. Concrete-bound simply doesn’t describe the deficient mentality which treats something worth billions with less thought than one would planning a trip to the grocer.

      • Kratos

        bloomberg has a great article : ‘Star Wars’ Toy Sales Fall in 2017 as Movie-Tie Fatigue Sets In … like i posted about a week ago…shitty films and merchandising OVER SATURATION will end up killing this brand…currently TLJ toys aren’t selling…and in 5 months we will have another SW film “SOLO” with toys that likely won’t sell either.

        • Kindofabigdeal

          What? You mean no one is rushing out to buy their Purple Headed Holdo dolls?

      • TheFrank

        The TRON franchise was absolutely smothered and stymied by Disney execs ever since the original movie came out. Reading all of the behind-the-scenes about it, I’m amazed that Tron 2.0 & TRON:Legacy (the animated series & the roller coaster was far too along in production to be stopped once they realized that they had a dud on their hands with T:L) came out at all. Disney insisted upon having final creative input on virtually every aspect of those properties. They even brought Pixar in at the last possible moment for a touch-up on T:L when execs got nervous that they might’ve had a dud on their hands.

        My understanding is that they took a slightly more measured approach with “John Carter” but still looked very intently over Andrew Stanton’s shoulder during the entire process. If it wasn’t for the fact that he’s Gold-Standard Pixar (and partially redeemed himself with Finding Dory), that would’ve been the last time he’d have ever worked for Disney unless it was from behind a food services cart.

      • Tonk99

        JJ should have been given the whole trilogy. Now Rian’s come in and fucked the joint up so JJ’s going to have to fix it. Something which would have never happened had they…I dunno… planned this trilogy out from THE FUCKING START.

        • Rad4Cap

          Yup. That’s the ultimate fault here – the conclusion that they didn’t have to have any plan.

    • Behemothrex

      Kennedy is safe, this day and age a Female Exec is almost bullet proof.

      • Broian

        I have to disagree with this. Given the amount of drama behind the scenes with Directors being hired, then fired, before and during filming I think she is one flop (SOLO probably) from being shown the door by the Mouse.

        While I enjoyed the three movies that came out with her in charge they are far from perfect, and like everyone in the post above was talking about, it looks like there was no real outline for the new trilogy to follow. You can’t go into something like this without at least a roadmap for everyone to stick to. Say what you will about Marvel, they have done a pretty amazing job building towards this Infinity film and Star Wars should have taken a cue from that.

        • Kindofabigdeal

          Wasn’t putting her in charge of Lucasfilm a stipulation of the sale? Or does Disney have the right to fire her if she keeps f****** up?

          • Broian

            She probably had a contract in place and they had to honor it for the length. Hopefully when he (Lucas) put her in charge it wasn’t in perpetuity. That is a bad business practice in general.

    • steadymobb

      Crisis mode?….it’s going to make more domestically than the first avengers. It’s also grossed more than any of the prequels by a long shot. Most of their money is made by the merchandise.

      Not a huge fan of the film but its not a failure…did they hope for more? Sure. But they’re still making an insane amount of money

  • Rad4Cap

    “You can’t just have Kylo Ren kill these guys if they ARE the Knights of Ren, as he has a history with them”


    Yup. Didn’t have a history with anyone else that he killed, so you just CAN’T have Kylo kill the KoR.

    Now even the “explanations” are getting ridiculously contradictory.

    • Kindofabigdeal

      No history with Han Solo whatsoever.

  • SnokeYou

    He couldn’t find a place for the Knights of Ren. Nothing? Dude, you filled the 180 minute movie with stuff people will be laughing at for years. Disney needs to stop the constant spin on why the director made decisions that will cost them millions. Last Jedi is a bomb. $5 Walmart Bin material.

    • Broian

      Is 1.2 Billion worldwide considered a flop these days?

      • SnokeYou

        A lot of people saw the movie bc it had potential. Not a lot of people saw it twice. Not a lot of people will buy it on DVD for $20-30. It will make history as the biggest letdown ever.

        • Broian

          I saw it three times. I will admit I never buy DVD anymore though. I could see it falling below Revenge of the Sith on some lists but for sure better than AotC and TPM. Then again my glass is still half full…

  • Chris Orme

    Didn’t see a place for them in the movie? Luke vs KoR on Ahch-To? Luke vs KoR and Kylo on Crait? Preparing to hunt down Rey before the credits roll?
    Kylo had a history with Snoke that was worth exploring… hopefully the KoR don’t get similar treatment.

    • SeanDon

      How great would that have been? Him and the knights acting like a bounty squad hunting down Luke. Or showing up and wrecking chaos on the rebel base, catching them by surprise. That would have been better than most of the movie.

  • SeanDon

    Didn’t get a cool Knights of Ren fight scene as others mentioned here. But we did get a 30min trip to a lame Vegas city to see Rose and Finn get kicked out by security and rescue some cgi animals…

    This movie just aggravates me more and more every time Disney and the director open their mouths.

    • Lenin1959

      Yes, the animals. Not the slave kids – they saved the animals…

      • Kindofabigdeal

        To be fair, Shrek was just trying to save Donkey. Finn was just along for the ride.

    • Kindofabigdeal

      BB-8 getting thrown out of the casino was one of the highlights of that movie for me.

  • Lenin1959

    I see. Good that Emo Ren also had no backstory with Snoke who he killed. Then again, Snoke himself had no backstory/background at all. Like so many characters have no background in the new trilogy. So they kill off the fan favorites who actually DO have a backstory. It all makes sense – in Disney’a own world. They got a writer’s room but no plan – great work!
    This new trilogy is done to me.

  • Behemothrex

    You know the more this guy talks the more I realize he doesn’t give a FUCK about Star Wars, I think he did what he did mainly to get his name out there. Any publicity is good publicity, that kind of thing.

  • Sy Burr

    Did Rian Johnson even watch The Force Awakens?

    “So Rian, who is Snoke?”
    “Rian, who are the Knights of Ren?”
    “Rian, who were Rey’s parents?”
    “Who? Look, I’m just gonna make Luke as whiny as possible and then I’m going to make Leia float through space. But there will be ice foxes, so it’s all good.”


  • Kindofabigdeal

    Can’t wait until next week’s article.
    ‘Rian Johnson defends his decision to include his fetish for alien tits in the movie.’
    “I really wanted this film to have a nurturing nature. If the OT was about finding your father, then this trilogy should be about succumbing to your mother. Even though this wasn’t set up in the first movie, they will have no choice to go that route now.”

  • Jason Tyler

    he CANT kill the knights of Ren because he has history with them.

    but he CAN kill snoke because he has history with him…?

    Sound logic.

  • Unc Sam

    “truth is I just didn’t see a place for them in the movie”

    Well Rian, if you’d been more open to writing a Star Wars movie which honored the previous films in the series you might have just found that place.

    • Jason Tyler

      or he could have just tried. Every excuse he gives, he acts as if his hands are some how tied. “yea, cant do that because it doesnt fit the story”

      Then pick up the pencil and change the story?!

  • Saranac

    They would have had force powers and would have made the whole thing messy.

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