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The first piece of Star Wars content put out by Disney is quickly coming to an end. Next Monday will be the 90-minute finale of Star Wars Rebels. You can check out the promo for what should be an epic ending at the top of this article.

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Once the show came back from hiatus a couple weeks ago, it didn’t waste much time in reminding us that the show was on its final run, killing off one of the main characters, Kanan Jarrus. Kanan died heroically, allowing his friends to escape, and destroying a good deal of the Empire’s fuel in the process.

For the last four seasons the animated show followed the adventures of the crew of the ship Ghost, and has given us Jedi, Sith, Inquisitors, Mandalorians, and just a couple nights ago, the show made time travel canon within the Star Wars universe. Jedi Ezra Bridger accessed some sort of space-time area, through the Jedi Temple on Lothal, allowing him to see through time windows at past events.

What this newly introduced element means for the Star Wars universe as a whole remains to be seen. In talking with LRM‘s own Joseph “Jammer” Medina, it could be a one-time thing (time-travel is a dicey thing, after all). There is also a possibility that this door was opened for later use. Theoretically, anyone who could access the area that Erza did, could retcon most anything that has ever happened in the Star Wars universe.

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