Stephen Amell Is Not The DCU’s Green Arrow

A single tear rolls down Stephen's cheek. "So close, and far."

A single tear rolls down Stephen’s cheek. “So close, and yet…so far.

Well, folks, it’s been said time and time again but it apparently needs to be stated again:

Stephen Amell, of The CW’s successful DC TV show Arrow, will not be crossing over into the DCU (DC Cinematic Universe).

I’ll admit, even I became intrigued late last week when I got wind of a couple of quotes from the actor that sounded like the WB/DC brain trust had reversed their decision about keeping the TV and Film universes separate. 

Here are the quotes in question that he posted on his Facebook page, which stirred up quite a bit of speculation:

“You know I’m going to be at San Diego Comic-Con International this year, but you have no idea what I’m going to be doing. The Arrow panel on Friday evening is the literal tip of the iceberg. Feel free to speculate. There are (at least) 3 more things on my schedule. Big things. Needless to say, I plan on winning Comic-Con thisyear. Captain Style.”

This really got people intrigued as, with talk that this year Comic-Con was going to feature epic panels with DC and Marvel unleashing massive announcements, how could the star of a CW show expect to “win” Comic-Con? Unless, of course, he was going to be part of one of those announcements.

Then he added:

“Heading to a new city this September to meet some friends. Announcement is coming Tuesday.”

A new city? Like Metropolis or Gotham, perhaps? 

Things really seemed to point in a particular direction.

Picture from Amell's Facebook Page

Picture from Amell’s Facebook Page

But, alas, Amell has now logged back onto his Facebook page to state that everyone has read too much into his remarks.

Hey Guys — I appreciate all the support and enthusiasm, but not everything I post is a cryptic indicator that I’m going to be in Batman V Superman. I’m not going to be in Batman V Superman. As an aside… The next time that I either do a video or an interview with a journalist that I like, I’ll be happy to explain why this is the case. Short form — it’s not a barometer on ability or the quality of genre — TV v. Film, no pun intended. Everything here boils down to logistics. In any event… thank you for how much support you’ve showed me. But keep in mind, playing Arrow on television isn’t a consolation prize. We play the definitive versions of our characters in the DC Universe.

Seems pretty cut and dry, right? Sure. But hey, just for fun: Notice how he says he won’t be in Batman v Superman, yet doesn’t say he won’t be in Justice League


I know, I know. He’s not doing it. But the fanboy in me won’t let me ignore the possibility. In other news, did you hear the news that former Superman Brandon Routh has signed on to play The Atom in Arrow? Good for him. Though that would make things interesting- with the 1% chance that the Universes will be merged- because that would mean Routh would technically be part of the same universe as the current cinematic Superman (Henry Cavill).

What do you think, Cool Kids? Is Amell definitely out? Is he definitely in? Would you even want the TV and Film words to unify? Sound off!

SOURCE: Facebook

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