– by Joseph Jammer Medina

A couple months, back audiences were introduced to Stephen Kings IT. The film was a fantastic take on the source material that not only brought the horror, but also brought in a real sense of nostalgia. We really cared about the characters in the film, and wanted to see them win in their battle against this cosmic entity known as Pennywise the Clown.

Pennywise himself with a shape-shifter, however, he was best known in the clown form we all know and fear, which he uses to prey on children. The first victim he claimed in both the book and movie was none other than Bill Denbrough’s younger brother, Georgie.

While the scene was shown in the original mini series, we did never got a chance to see poor Georgie get his arm bitten off by a razor-tooth version of Pennywise, but we did see the damage in the new film.

Director Andy Muschietti recently took to Instagram to share some sketches of this version of Pennywise.

Have a look below:

Of course, those who have read the book already have a good idea of what this character looked like =, but those who only saw the original series were saddled with the more neutered version of the character. Sure, teeth were shown, but we never got to actually see them do any real damage.

Either way, this photo is another piece a fascinating insight into the behind the scenes process of filmmaking. What do you think of this photo? Let us know the comment down below!

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SOURCE: Andy Muschietti

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