– by Seth McDonald

The big screen adaptation of Ready Player One officially opens in just a few days. The Ernest Cline novel, that’s full of pop culture references is sure to rake in the cash at the box-office this weekend. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the novel the film is based on has actually criticized the fourth installment of one of Spielberg’s most beloved franchises, Indiana Jones.

In the story, James Halliday — the trillionaire who created the OASIS — is said to have wished the four film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, didn’t exist. Of course, this is something that many fans feel, not all of us end up writing a widely-read novel that ultimately gets picked up and directed by the object of your mocking. In speaking with CinemaBlend, author and screenwriter Ernest Cline said that Spielberg never said much about the comments in the book:

“[Steven Spielberg] never said anything about that. You know, he’s got a pretty thick skin, and that little dig is done in the context of ‘the first three are a holy trilogy,’ and it’s also a very geek thing. That was a way to build Halliday’s character. So many geeks from that era are so reverent and Halliday’s maybe a little too reverent about the 1980s and the first original three came out in the 1980s, you know? So anything outside of the 1980s didn’t count. It was less a dig about Steven and the movie and more about Halliday’s obsession with and fixation with the 1980s.”

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While I didn’t hate Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as much as most fans did, there was definitely a difference from the original three films. I’m not sure what it was exactly, but something was missing. I think Spielberg knows as well as we do that it wasn’t the franchise’s best installment, and along with directing the adaptation, this is probably why he never brought it up to Cline. Not to mention the many praises Spielberg’s work receives in the book.

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Source: CinemaBlend