– by Seth McDonald

Netflix’s Stranger Things continues to hit us fans with heavy doses of nostalgia as we are treated with another great crossover poster in preparation for the second season premiere this October. The poster comes to us via the Stranger Things Twitter account and pays homage to Firestarter, a classic 80s film that was based off of a Stephen King novel of the same name and starred Drew Barrymore. In the poster, Millie Brown’s Eleven, replaces Drew Barrymore’s character, Charlie. The fire in the original poster is replaced with a starry sky, that in a way reminds me of the show’s first episode. You can see the poster below.

It is safe to say that the Duffer brothers may have used Drew Barrymore’s Charlie as inspiration for Eleven, at least in part. They are both young children whose supernatural abilities originate from experiments carried out at government facilities. Both are pursued by a shadowy network of government agents who wish to use the child for their own nefarious purposes.  Could the Duffer brothers be trying to tell us about a new power that Eleven may have in Season 2? Probably not, but had they left the fire in the poster, then I think the topic would warrant further discussion.

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The campaign of posters that has been rolled out for Stranger Things second season reiterates all the aspects of the show that make people love it. A good amount of the show’s fan base are 80s kids (myself included) who grew up with the all the films that Stranger Things draws its inspiration from. And even if you didn’t grow up in the totally tubular and gnarly decade of the 80s, Stranger Things can show you why your older relatives love the movies of that era so much.

Stranger Things Season 2 becomes bingable October 27, 2017

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