– by Joseph Jammer Medina

It’s no secret that Stranger Things’ Jim Hopper is a bit of a broken man. In Season 1 of the show, it was revealed that his daughter had died, and in Season 2, we kind of saw him fulfilling that dad role once again for Eleven’s character.

But don’t think for a second that Hopper will ever forget his daughter. In addition to, you know, being her father, he also has had something on his person from the very beginning of the series. This little memento is something he keeps with him at all times, as actor David Harbour revealed to Business Insider.

“It’s something subtle we do, and in fact if you watch the first [scene] of Jim Hopper in Season 1, he wakes up in the morning and before he even checks his watch he touches that bracelet on his arm. It’s the first thing that he does every morning because he never wants to forget her. Sara and the death of his daughter is his grounding place for reality… You’ll see in the first flashback with Sara that she has her hair up in these little pigtails and she’s wearing these blue hair ties. And then when you see me with her in the hospital after she’s going through chemo, and we’ve shaved her head, he’s wearing it on his right wrist when he’s reading to her. So it’s this bracelet that was her hair tie, and he wanted to wear it since she couldn’t wear it in her hair anymore — it was a little thing between them. And then it becomes a thing that’s like a security blanket for him, it’s a reminder for him. And you’ll notice throughout the series I will occasionally play with it like when I’m talking to Eleven or going through a difficult time.”

A very interesting touch. Now, excuse us, we’re going to have to go back and watch every episode of the series to check on this little detail.

Have you noticed the bracelet before? Let us know down below!

Stranger Things 1 & 2 is streaming on Netflix.

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SOURCE: Business Insider

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