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Suicide Squad may have been a box office success for DC Films — taking in well over $700 million on a relatively unknown property — but saying the flick was a critical dud would be an understatement. The film ended up with a 26 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and while the film had its defenders, there was no denying that it had some major problems.

From my own perspective, it all lied in the villain: Enchantress. She was easily one of the worst villains ever to grace the silver screen in a comic book film. What’s more, it was particularly clear what Amanda Waller’s overall goal was with the Suicide Squad, and in the end, it all felt a bit silly and unnecessary.

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But what does one member of the cast think? Speaking with Yahoo!, Joel Kinnaman discussed what how he thinks Suicide Squad 2 could do better than its predecessor.

“In the third act. It was a great setup, great characters. I think that if, when we do a second one, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more of a grounded version of the film. I think the characters are so extreme, so I think it would be more effective if we’re seeing them [around] maybe less sorcery. Because I think the characters become more extreme if you see them in conjunction with more real people.”

I have to agree with him on all fronts. The one saving grace for me was the fact that the characters were great, and I wanted to see a lot more of them…except in a better plot against a better villain. Grounding the story, and making the stakes smaller would help make this happen.

Sadly, rumors are circulating that Black Adam may be the big bad of the next film, and while he’s a cooler character, I don’t think he qualifies as a “grounded” character. We’ll have to see if that rumor ends up being true.

What do you want to see out of Suicide Squad 2? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Yahoo! Movies

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