– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Well, just as I predicted, in last night’s Supergirl episode we find out that Supergirl is already pregnant thanks to Mon-El, and that Superbabies are indeed on the way! Or at least that would have been a much better story than what we got. Instead, this episode was split between two different stories and one of them was as predictable as rain in April.

The first storyline in Supergirl involves poor Winn and his new alien girlfriend Lyra, as she has been playing him the entire time (shocker) and used him to break into a museum to steal the Van Gogh Starry Night painting. Apparently, she has the same, and only, superpower that Mr. Terrific has in the comics and is invisible to technology. In fact, Batman used him to bring down his own creation; Brother Eye.

Winn, having not had much luck with women, even super-hot alien women, decides to investigate and give her a chance at redemption. It turns out she was trying to pay a ransom to free her brother who is held by an Alien known as Mandrax. The closest thing to Mandrax I could find in the comics is Mandrakk who is the son of the Limitless Monitor, who is quite powerful, and a big player in Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis #7. Mandrax is pretty tough in this episode, as Guardian shows up and precedes to get his arse kicked, yet again. Yawn. Please go back to Metropolis James Olsen.

Luckily, the D.E.O. swings down from ropes, and that is enough to scare Mandrax and his cronies to give up. Seems odd as he was tossing James around like a Lego Batman. Winn forgives Lyra, and they live happily ever after — or at least until a few weeks when she will probably get killed. I am waiting for something to make Winn Schott follow in his father’s footsteps and become The Toymaker.

Our other storyline involves a gigantic ship showing up, and in a very “Man of Steel” broadcast message on all TV sets, demands Mon-El to be returned to them. Supergirl goes up against the ship only to get knocked back a few times, and Mon-El seeing her in trouble turns himself over. Upon being teleported to the ship, Kara grabs a hold of Mon-El and instead of their molecules getting scattered together, they are transported safely.

We come to find out that Kevin Sorbo and Teri Hatcher are the cloaked figures we have seen for a few episodes, they are the parents of Mon-El, and also the King and Queen of Daxam. This makes Mon-El the crown prince. They want to take him home to rebuild Daxam, Mon-El does not want to leave, but is forced to describe how he actually escaped Daxam — which is much less heroic of a story than he first told.

The most interesting thing about the King and Queen are their names. The Queen is Rhea, who in the comics wields electric powers, and is a member of the Doom Patrol and not related to Daxam in any way, shape, or form. Another version an Olympian Titan, wife of Cronus and the mother of Zeus. The King however has a much more interesting name. He goes by Lar Gand, who comic readers will know that this is actually Mon-El’s true name. This could just be CW DC screwing with us, or perhaps that Legion of Superheroes flight ring we saw earlier this year means more than we think it does. This could actually be the future version of Mon-El. Mon-El (aka Valor) has a history with the Legion, and in one version of the comics he was woken in the 30th century after Superman imprisoned him in the Phantom Zone until a cure could be found for his lead poisoning. (Lead does to Daxamites what Kryptonite does to Kryptons, x10).

The King and Queen decide to let him stay, for now, but this leaves TV’s favorite couple right now in a state of disarray and seemingly have broken up over Mon-El lying to Kara.

The show ends with The Music Meister intentionally getting caught, and using Winn’s dimensional transportation device to go find “the fastest man alive,” but not before leaving Supergirl in a coma where in her mind she is about to go on stage and sing. We will see what happens tonight in The Flash, but do not underestimate The Music Meister, as ridiculous as his name sounds!

Did you guys like the episode? Would you rather have see the entire plot be about Mon-El? Just how powerful is the Music Meister?

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