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Alita: Battle Angel Producer REALLY Wants A Sequel — Make It So, Fans!

Want an Alita sequel? So does its producer. We are living in a fan-centric world. This is the reality we live in, for better or worse. I know plenty of people out there think it’s

Alita: Battle Angel – Christoph Waltz ‘Disappointed And Surprised’ At Lack of Sequel Talk

Like many of you, I had some high hopes for Alita: Battle Angel. While I wasn’t exactly a huge fan of the original manga, I held out hope that a manga adaptation could actually succeed.

Want An Alita Sequel? Let Disney Know, Says Producer

In a world where James Cameron continues to be one of the highest box office grossers of all-time (with original movies, no less), it’s not really a smart thing to bet against him. This is

What to Watch This Weekend: Alita: Battle Angel

  Welcome to What To Watch This Weekend, a weekly series dedicated to helping figure out which films you should enjoy in the near future. Each Friday, the GeekScholars present a spoiler-free review of a film

Alita Star Rosa Salazar Not Surprised A Sequel Isn’t In The Works Yet, But Is Open To Play The Role Forever

I was fairly certain Alita: Battle Angel was going to bomb. I love Robert Rodriguez, I enjoyed the source material manga well enough, and I’m totally in favor of seeing more manga adaptations grace Hollywood,

Alita: Battle Angel Featurette Chronicles Its Journey From Manga To The Big Screen

While Alita: Battle Angel didn't exactly set any records at the box office, I think it was a crucial step forward for anime and manga Hollywood adaptations. Not only did the movie manage to bring

Alita: Battle Angel To Finish Run North Of $400 Million

Alita: Battle Angel was the little cyborg that could. Prior to its release, the disdain for the project was palpable. Perhaps it was due to the look of Alita herself or just a lukewarm feeling

Can The Foreign Box Office Save Alita: Battle Angel?

Welp, Alita: Battle Angel has officially hit North American theaters, and as expected, it didn't really do that well at the box office. Over the course of the three-day weekend, it brought it south of

LRM EXCLUSIVE – Alita: Battle Angel – How Rosa Salazar Found Out About The Big Eyes

LRMOnline’s very own Gig Patta conducted an exclusive interview with Alita Battle Angel star actress, Rosa Salazar. Alita Battle Angel follows the story of Alita, a female cyborg's quest through a cyberpunk landscape to find

James Cameron Reacts to Early Alita: Battle Angel Review

It’s been an interesting ride for Alita: Battle Angel and that’s only counting the time it has been in production. This is a passion project that, for Producer James Cameron, goes back nearly twenty years.