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Berlinale Exclusive Interview With Mare Writer And Director Andrea Staka

Written and directed by Swiss/Croatian filmmaker, Andrea Staka, Mare centers on a woman, who seems to be longing for something more than just her role as the good wife, super mom and content caregiver. She

Berlinale Exclusive Interview With Death Of Nintendo Writer Valerie Castillo Martinez

Everyone loves a feel-good, coming of age story that takes you down memory lane and flashes back to a time when life was all about school fun, young crushes, video games, youthful innocence and above

Berlinale Exclusive Interview With Paradise Drifters Director Mees Peinenburg

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIr007gE2Wc[/embed] It’s a cold and uncaring world for so many teenagers (and adults), living in poverty and alone in the streets. Written and directed by Mees Peinenburg, Paradise Drifters is a gritty and sobering story

Berlinale Exclusive Interview With Minyan Director Eric Steel

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoG5LKKJP6I[/embed] Making his first feature film debut with Minyan at Berlinale last week, documentary filmmaker, Eric Steel brings to life the unique story of a gay Russian-Jewish teenager named David, who lives in Brooklyn, but

Berlinale Exclusive Interview With Wildland Director Jeanette Nordahl and Screenwriter Ingeborg Topsøe

[embed]https://youtu.be/r6sG3nKmRNM[/embed] Gritty Danish crime-drama, Wildland (Kod & Blod) made a big splash at its world debut at this year’s Berlinale Panorama program. The suspenseful film, which is director Jeanette Nordahl’s first feature, follows Ida, a

LRM Exclusive Interview With Hormigas Writer-Director Antonella Sudasassi Furniss

As a fellow female in this small world, I can easily concur that women are subjected to typical female roles and pressured by both family and society to conform to their expectations. This is precisely

LRM Exclusive Interview With Flesh Out Writer-Director Michela Occhipinti

Living in a world where the majority of women’s looks are dictated by the media and being skinny is glamorized, one would never imagine that there are parts of the world where the polar opposite

LRM Exclusive Interview With Normal Writer-Director Adele Tulli

Contemplative and visually unique, the documentary, Normal questions everyday female and male interactions and behaviors through several diverse and immersive scenes filmed throughout Italy. Writer-director, Adele Tulli has captured some of life’s most challenging, iconic

Berlinale: LRM Exclusive Interview With Born In Evin Director Maryam Farzee

Imagine spending almost half of your life in the dark about the violent circumstance of your birth. Iranian-German actress Maryam Farzee, was born in one of the most notoriously violent political prisons in the world to

Berlinale: LRM Exclusive Interview With Monsters Director And Stars Marius Olteanu, Judith State & Cristian Popa

When you hear a film with the title, Monsters, the last thing that comes to mind is a couple struggling with extra marital affairs, bi-sexuality, motherhood and the traditional concepts of love and marriage. That