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Catherine Hardwicke Talks Eat, Pray, Fuck In Mafia Mamma | Exclusive

Catherine Hardwicke is the director of the latest comedy chick flick, Mafia Mamma. A story with life disasters that are turned into laughs and life lessons. https://youtu.be/e2UNT1pLP6g The Synopsis  MAFIA MAMMA follows an insecure American

Miss Bala: Director Catherine Hardwicke on Gina Rodriguez As An Action Star [Exclusive Interview]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-kPf-n4Mto Gina Rodriguez is no longer Jane the Virgin anymore. She’s all grown up. After the physical transformation of Deepwater Horizon and Annihilation, Miss Bala will certainly put Gina Rodriguez into a female action star

CinemaCon 2018: Miss Bala Trailer Reaction and Exclusive Interviews

  This is not your usual niceness of Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin. It was thought that the original 2011 Spanish-version of Miss Bala was already perfect that placed its star Stephanie Sigman on