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The Ravine | Keoni Waxman Interview [Exclusive]

In the face of tragedy, the biggest salvation is the idea of forgiveness as portrayed in Keoni Waximan's The Ravine, a story based on true life events. Based on the book written by Kelly Pascuzzi

Boon | Christina Ochoa Interview [Exclusive]

Fresh off of last year’s Red Stone, Neil McDonough quickly is back in the sequel Boon about the retired hitman with the fedora hat. In Boon, retirement barely started as he must confront new criminal

The Ravine Trailer Reveals Something Amidst with a Family Murdered

The Ravine trailer looks like one intense crime thriller with a very known cast. Based on a true story on real murders, it appears to be a story about a community picking up the pieces

Boon Trailer Has Atoning Former Hitman Returning to Violence

After ending his hitman career in Red Stone, Boon vowed to atone for his sins and past actions. Due to a family that needs help, Boon returns to the life of violence in the follow-up

Neal McDonough and Michael Cudlitz on Hitman Film Red Stone [Exclusive Interview]

Every hitman will eventually develop empathy for the target one way or another. Neal McDonough and Michael Cudlitz star in the hitman thriller Red Stone in a hitman chase that ends with an ultimate showdown.