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Fox Is Selling Sky Stake To Comcast For $15 Billion

Comcast may have lost the bidding war to acquire most of 21st Century Fox to Disney, but that's not to say they're completely out of the game when it comes to 21st Century Fox companies.

Disney Raises Bid To Acquire Most Of Fox To $71.3 Billion — Fox Agrees?

Let the games begin. 21st Century Fox must be feeling pretty damn good about itself right now. All of a sudden, it's like that girl in high school who everyone wants to ask out, as

One Wall Street Analyst Says A Disney/Comcast Split Of Fox Is Possible

Earlier this week, we became aware that Comcast finally came through with an all-cash offer of $65 billion (yes with a b) to try and buy 20th Century Fox out from under Disney. While this

Comcast Makes $65 Billion All-Cash Bid To Acquire Most Of 21st Century Fox Assets

Well, this may make things difficult for Disney. For months, we've been building up this $52.4 billion-plus deal that would result in Disney acquiring most of 21st Century Fox's assets. However, in recent weeks, we've

UPDATE: Netflix Worth More Than Comcast, Closes In On Disney

UPDATED: Variety updated their initial story to state that, for a hot minute, Netflix's stock prices were such that it was briefly valued more than Disney, but that by the end of Thursday, Disney had taken

New Report Indicates That Comcast Could Outbid Disney To Buy Fox

Late last year, one of the big pieces of news was Disney's purchase of 21st Century Fox. While the Department of Justice still needs to review and approve this purchase, the deed seems all but

Disney Isn’t The Only Media Giant Looking To Buy 20th Century Fox’s Assets

Just last week, we again reported that Disney was still looking to acquire 20th Century Fox. Though talks seemed to have died down, Deadline's Mike Fleming Jr. speculated that the radio silence from both sides