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Showdown At The Grand Trailer Has Pulp Action Comedy to Save a Movie Theater

It is the ultimate good versus evil in saving a movie theater. In Showdown at the Grand, the film honors the action-pulp comedies of the 1980s with plenty of gunfights, swordfights, and homage to our

Dolph Lundgren Talks About Directing Again In Castle Falls After 12 Years [Exclusive Interview]

Dolph Lundgren returns as a director and stars in the new action thriller Castle Falls. A film about greed and human compassion.  https://youtu.be/XetRSFqprNM The Synopsis  After decades of neglect, Castle Heights Hospital, a symbol of the

Castle Falls Trailer Has Dolph Lundgren and Scott Adkins Race Against Time For Stolen Cash

Castle Falls has everyone racing to steal one bag of cash with millions of dollars at stake. However, time isn’t on their side with a scheduled demolition about to occur to drop the entire building

So Sylvester Stallone And Dolph Lundgren Have An Upcoming Action Drama Series

Looks like Rocky Balboa is getting buddy-buddy with Ivan Drago these days. First, the two reunited in The Expendables and then in Creed II, and now real-life stars Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren are working