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Dora the Explorer Review: Tomb Raider – Kids Edition

Dora the Explorer is the story of Dora (Isabela Moner), a young teenager teeming with unbridled enthusiasm and optimism and yearning for adventure. From a young age, Dora lived in the jungle with her explorer/professor

The New Dora Pokes Fun At The Original Series

Dora the Explorer may have been way past my heyday in consuming kid content, but I am more than aware of the show’s existence and overall format. The new trailer for Dora and the Lost

Trailer: Dora And The Lost City of Gold

https://youtu.be/gUTtJjV852c This is happening. I think it's a little late for it, but it's coming nonetheless. Yesterday I got to report on Danny Trejo announcing he would be providing the voice for Boots in Dora and

Who Is Danny Trejo Playing In The Dora Movie?

I am not sure why Hollywood decided to make a Dora the Explorer movie now instead of a decade ago. It would almost seem as odd as Disney making an Avatar land nearly a decade after