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What to Watch This Weekend: Emily the Criminal

Emily the Criminal is the story of a young woman just trying to get a decent job. Emily (Aubrey Plaza) has a past. It’s a past that includes felon charges which lurk in her official

John Patton Ford Talks About His Coming Of Age Student Loan Thriller | Emily The Criminal

John Patton Ford makes his feature debut with Emily The Criminal. Starring Aubrey Plaza and Theo Rossi. In a coming of age story about discovery and going for it! https://youtu.be/Xzf1YCEkLDI The Synopsis  Emily (Aubrey Plaza,

Emily The Criminal Trailer Shows What Someone Is Willing To Do To Pay Off Student Debt

In today's economy young adults are forced into a tough situation.  The pressure of graduating from college with a degree leaves a majority in insurmountable debt that is almost impossible to pay off.  That along