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Gretel & Hansel Clip & Featurette: Don’t Follow The Creepy Child

The world is a cold and terrible place. That seems to be the case in the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tales, and that holds true in the upcoming horror film Gretel & Hansel. It looks

Gretel & Hansel Trailer Channels The Witch in New Trailer

When it comes to telling stories, you can rarely go wrong with reinterpreting classic fables for the big screen. Given their oddly dark tones, they are prime for everything ranging from kids’ content to full-on

Gretel & Hansel Channels Hereditary And The Witch In First Official Teaser Trailer

You gotta love the good ol’ fashioned retellings of fairy tales. Disney has spent a good chunk of their history doing that very thing, but every now and then, you also get those films or

New Poster For Gretel & Hansel, Starring Sophia Lillis

IT: Chapter One served as a great launching off point for some of the kids. Of course, we already had Stranger Thing’s Finn Wolfhard, but there was also the immensely talented and hilarious Jack Dylan