Martin Scorsese Unveils Epic Western ‘Killers Of The Flower Moon’ Exploring Love, Betrayal, And Osage History

In a recent press conference, renowned director Martin Scorsese unveiled fascinating insights into his upcoming film, Killers of the Flower Moon, which delves into the dark complexities of the Osage culture, the unforgiving landscape of

NOPE | “IMAX In The Sky” Featurette On The Magnitude Of The Film

Fans of Jordan Peele's films are gearing up for his next thrilling adventure, NOPE. We have seen two trailers already that have given us more information about what we can expect from the film. We

IMAX Poster Release for Top Gun: Maverick

In one of the most anticipated summer movies this year, Top Gun: Maverick kicks off the blockbuster summer on May 27th with great confidence. Fandango announced the start of advance tickets for the Tom Cruise-starring

IMAX Joker Poster Shows Arthur Fleck Triumphant Amid All The Chaos

With Warner Bros. Pictures film Joker only a few weeks away we know that the marketing campaign will be in high gear. With it's recent Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival and it's

IMAX Released A New Poster For It: Chapter 2

We are just about a month away from the theatrical release of It: Chapter Two, which is the second part of a story based on the horror novel by Stephen King in 1986. The first

What’s The Perfect Way To View A Film? | A Breaking Geek Discussion

Welcome to Breaking Geek, a column where uber-geek Nick “Dollface” Doll offers commentary and reactions to the most interesting news of the week (or whatever else he wants), using his expansive knowledge of all things

Early Reviews Of Marvel’s Inhumans Are Brutal

When the concept of Terrigen Mists was first introduced in Season 3 of ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., it signaled the rise of Marvel's Inhumans -- a previously untouched corner of the MCU. According to canon,