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Andrew Michaan and Cole Hersch on Celebrating Their 100th Episode of Podcast But Outside with Jon Hamm [Exclusive Interview]

After a couple of years mocking Jon Ham on Podcast But Outside, hosts Andrew Michaan and Cole Hersch never imagined the actor would randomly walked the streets of Los Angeles to be on their podcast.

Jon Hamm And John Patrick Shanley Talk About Wild Mountain Thyme [Exclusive Interview]

Jon Hamm is the outsider character in the new romantic story Wild Mountain Thyme. A story by the writer and producer, John Patrick Shanley.  https://youtu.be/kadUgcIxODM   The Synopsis  John Patrick Shanley, who created the classic

Jon Hamm Hopes He Has The Ball Bearings To Play Fletch [Exclusive Interview]

The man who changes his identity more than his underwear hopes to return in 2021 with Confess Fletch!   Earlier this year I wrote an article about the 1985 Chevy Chase comedy smash Fletch getting a reboot