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Jon Hamm Hopes He Has The Ball Bearings To Play Fletch [Exclusive Interview]

The man who changes his identity more than his underwear hopes to return in 2021 with Confess Fletch

 Earlier this year I wrote an article about the 1985 Chevy Chase comedy smash Fletch getting a reboot with actor Jon Hamm. The Mad Men actor is set to play the coveted role of witty and charming investigative journalist Irwin M. Fletcher. There’s a long list of names that have been considered for the character of Fletch. Studios have talked about bringing back the franchise over the past 30 years but it always ends up in development limbo. The last time we saw Chevy Chase in the role was in the 1989 sequel Fletch Lives

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LRMOnline recently caught up with Hamm while he was promoting Wild Mountain Thyme (available now on Amazon Prime) and asked him if he has the ball bearings to fill the titular role. He was all smiles and answered the question and gave us a production update on the Fletch reboot as well.

Hamm laughed and said, ““Well, I hope so. We’re in the process of refining the script and adding or subtracting balling bearings, so to speak. So here’s hoping. We’re hoping to shoot that in the spring of 2021 and hopefully covid won’t have anything to do with it. But we’ll hopefully bring out something and be talking about it this time next year.”


It’s been established that Chevy Chase is Fletch and Jon Hamm knows that Chase’s characterization is untouchable. But Hamm won’t be imitating Chase, the talented actor will bring his own element to the role and stay true to the character in the novel. Hamm has stated that he’s a big fan of Fletch and read all nine Fletch books so it’s good to know this is a project he’s passionate about. 

Confess Fletch is the title of the new film and will also be an adaptation of the second novel in author Gregory McDonald’s Fletch series. Hamm teams with Miramax to star in the movie as well as produce it with manager Connie Tavel. Greg Mottola (Superbad, Adventureland) is set to direct and Zev Borow (Chuck, Lethal Weapon) will pen the script.

As a big Fletch fan I am eagerly awaiting this new film but I hope they include Chevy Chase in some capacity.  Take a look at my article below from earlier this year when the Fletch news was announced.

Have you heard the news making all the headlines? After a 35-year big-screen absence the 1985 comedy-thriller, Fletch, is in talks for another reboot and this time it will feature Mad Men actor, Jon Hamm, in the title role. There have been many talks about remaking Fletch but it never left the development stage.

The franchise has been searching for a new identity to play the lead character of witty investigative journalist, Irwin M. Fletcher. However, it hasn’t been able to find an actor who is capable of filling the esteemed role that originally belonged to comedic genius Chevy Chase (Caddyshack, Three Amigos) in the first two Fletch films. Jon Hamm is joining forces with Miramax and will star in the film, as well as produce it along with his manager, Connie Tavel. Greg Mottola (Superbad, Adventureland) is slated to direct and Zev Borrow (Lethal Weapon TV Series) will pen the script.

Bit by bit, one way or another someone is going to make this movie. Reboots, remakes and re-imagines of Fletch have been in perpetual development limbo for decades as the rights to the film bounced back and forth between studios. Many big names like Jason Lee, Dave Chappelle, John Krasinski, Jason Sudekis, Ryan Reynolds, Zack Braff, Joshua Jackson, Chris Tucker, Justin Long, Jimmy Fallon, Ben Affleck, Ellen Degeneres, Adam Sandler, and even Brad Pitt were thrown in the hat to play this unconventional hero. Some actors got tied up in other projects and some passed because they didn’t think they could live up to the sacred role. Delays were also due to studio heads and writers unable to come to an agreement on an actor with the star power that could fill Chase’s shoes.

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Fletch is running out of time. The original Fletch movie was based on the book by author Gregory McDonald and even back in 1974 when he first sold the film rights it took over a decade to finally see a theatrical release. Initially, Columbia Pictures planned on making the movie, next it was Fred-Roy Productions, and then it went to Charisma Records, until finally finding a home at Universal Pictures.

The primary casting was also no easy process. Many high profile actors like Charles Grodin, Richard Dreyfuss, Michael Douglas, and Treat Williams were up for the par. McDonald vetoed stars like Burt Reynolds and Mick Jagger, until finally bestowing the lead role to Chevy Chase. As the criminally underappreciated legendary actor reaches his mid 70’s in age he should be given one last chance to step into the gumshoes of Fletch in this newly announced reboot based on McDonald’s second Fletch book, Confess, Fletch.

It’s a fool’s paradise out here. There’s been a resurgence of movie reboots lately and Hollywood needs content so they’re cashing in on nostalgia. I’m happy a deal was finally made and a new generation will be exposed to the greatness that is Fletch but Miramax should rethink their casting because they are removing the soul from this cult classic film.

Somebody wants to know, somebody knows a lot. I reached out to accomplished film producer and entertainment industry veteran, Wolfgang Glattes, (Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, All That Jazz) who worked as the first assistant director on Fletch.

When asked about his experience with Chase he said, “Everybody had a wonderful time on set with him and I love him. He is so much associated with the film and the character of Fletch.” He was unaware that a remake with a new lead actor is in the works and when I told him the news his response was, “I think it’s a big mistake.”

Chevy Chase is a prime choice and a proper Fletch reboot calls for a steak sandwich, not Hamm. As far as Jon Hamm being able to replace Chase’s character in Fletch

Get Outta Town!



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