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Mad Max: Furiosa Eyeing Chris Hemsworth For Male Lead | LRM’s Barside Buzz

Could the next Mad Max film star Chris Hemsworth? Few people expected Mad Max: Fury Road to be as great as it was. Here was a movie that was delayed an unending amount of times. Even

Can’t Wait For Mad Max Sequel? We May End Up With Furiosa Prequel With Anya Taylor-Joy

Will the next Mad Max film actually be a prequel centered on a young Furiosa? If there’s anything that’s predictable about Hollywood, it’s that it’s unpredictable. Sure, it may also be that studios gravitate to the

Mad Max Sequels? George Miller Says Yes!

I remember watching the Mel Gibson's Mad Max films with my dad in the 80's and 90's (yes, I know they came out in 1979 and into the 80's, but I wasn't old enough to

Mad Max: Tom Hardy Says They’re Waiting On The Opportunity To Make The Next Film

Who'd've thought five years ago that Mad Max: Fury Road would be the critical darling it ended up as? Sure, the franchise had a loyal fan base, but few could have expected it to actually

Mad Max: Fury Road Lawsuit Reportedly Holding Up Sequels

Did you like Mad Max: Fury Road? If you did, you may want to get used to watching the film on repeat, because that may very well be the last one we get, at least