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Premiere Poster for Confidential Informant

Mel Gibson is back in the crime thriller Confidential Informant based on actual events. This crime thriller is a cat-and-mouse chase with narcotic officers in a deadly scheme to rob a criminal crack house with

Hot Seat Trailer Has Terrorist Bomber Blackmailing a Hacker

It appears that Mel Gibson and Kevin Dillon are in the Hot Seat. In this movie, Gibson races against time to save and prove the innocence of a former hacker (Dillon) against a mysterious terrorist

Last Looks Trailer | Charlie Hunnam Investigates Mel Gibson As Murder Suspect

Last Looks film has the making of a great mystery comedy. The film has an all-star cast, a noir detective feel, absurd over-the-top comedy, and Mel Gibson in an outrageous performance. What more can you

Dangerous Trailer Has Scott Eastwood on the Run in Action Thriller

For many years, Scott Eastwood is on the edge of breaking out in his own leading role rather than supporting roles in blockbusters. Perhaps the new action thriller Dangerous is the ticket for Eastwood to