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Rebel Without A Crew: All You Need To Know About The Filmmaking Series

If you're a film lover like all of us here at LRM are, then chances are you've at least considered dabbling in the world of filmmaking at one point or another. Sure, we love to

Rebel Without A Crew Eps 1-3 Review: An Inspiring Look At The Filmmaking Process

Rebel Without A Crew is a show you should watch if you’ve ever found yourself wondering what sacrifices and behind-the-scenes work go into bringing a movie to life. Hosted by the original Rebel Without A

Robert Rodriguez’s Rebel Without A Crew Filmmaking Series Is Streaming Now!

If you're like me, your love of films and filmmaking, in general, was inspired by some of the big indies that came out of the 1990s. From Slacker to Reservoir Dogs, Clerks, and El Mariachi,