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Red Sonja Gets Its New Director After Bryan Singer Was Let Go

I've been told it's an open secret in Hollywood that sexual harassment, assault, and quid pro quo are common. It seems that inappropriate behaviors are permitted or accepted in order to keep or get jobs

Bryan Singer Dropped From Red Sonja Reboot

The past couple of years have been an interesting one for the industry. There have been a lot of big talents in the business being exposed for sexual misconduct, and that has led to the

X-Men’s Bryan Singer in Talks To Direct Red Sonja

This past year hasn't been great for Bryan Singer. Very recently, he was ousted from his role as director for the upcoming film, Bohemian Rhapsody, and in the wake of the #MeToo movement, he was

X-Men: First Class Screenwriter Tapped For Red Sonja Reboot

Remember that Red Sonja film that was about to happen around a decade ago? Yeah, I've forgotten about it too. Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan were originally attached to it, and they even had a