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Warner Bros 2021 Plans Impacted Cinemark And AMC Theaters Stock

When Warner Bros. announced that it would release its 2021 movie lineup in both theaters and on-demand it was met with praise from fans.  Most industry experts figured it was only a matter of time

News Of Vaccine A Boost Of Life For Movie Theaters

Yesterday's news of a solid vaccine was not only good news for the general public but for movie theaters as well.  With so much uncertainty in the past couple months and different areas of the

Studios SHOULDN’T Release Blockbusters Just To Prop Up Movie Theatres | COME @ ME, BRO!

Movie Theatres are dying. But I don't think it is the studios' responsibility to release films to keep them afloat. The concept of my column, Come @ Me, Bro, is to present a strong, unpopular opinion

Cineworld Closing Will Play To AMC Theaters Benefit

Earlier yesterday reports came out that Cineworld was considering shutting down it's theaters in the United States and United Kingdom either temporary or permanent. This is due to the lack of big budget movies being

Universal Studios Versus The World… Of Theaters! | LRMornings

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Another Challenger Appears: Regal Cinemas Chastises Universal For Trolls World Tour Move

First AMC Theatres. Now Regal Cinemas. Good ol’ Hollywood just keeps on churning out the goods. No, I don’t mean the movies. I mean the real-time entertainment in the form of chastising statements and power

The Regal Cinemas Subscription Plan Launches At The End Of The Month

One of the largest theater chains in the country is set to launch their subscription service at the end of this month. Regal Cinemas will offer a three tier plan for customers to choose from

Regal Cinemas To Offer Monthly Subscription Package

While MoviePass appears to still be sorting things out, Regal cinemas has their own monthly subscirption service set to launch at the end of this month. According to Deadline the company will offer plants of $18,