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The Munsters Review | Rob Zombie’s Fan Film

The Munsters have been around since 1964. What is interesting is that the original series was canceled after only two seasons. It was in syndication where it really gained steam. One of those obvious fans

The Munsters Trailer | Rob Zombie Brings Herman, Lily And The Rest Of The Gang To The World Of Color

In a fun surprise, we have the release of Rob Zombie's much-anticipated re-imagination of the classic, The Munsters. The film is based on the beloved classic television series from the sixties, a time when television

Rob Zombie Confirms His Next Film Is The Munsters On Instagram

Yesterday on Instagram, Rob Zombie officially confirmed that he will be directing a movie based on the 1960s sitcom, The Munsters, and will share the same name. Rob Zombie shared on Instagram: Attention Boils and