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Stephen Maxwell Johnson On His Australian Frontier Clash In High Ground [Exclusive Interview]

Samuel Goldwyn’s High Ground gives audiences a new perspective of the settlement of Australia. It explores the themes of identity and culture and the attempts that were made to preserve and progress culture in the

Doreen Brown On Her Real Life Story That Inspired ‘The Marijuana Conspiracy’ [Exclusive Interview]

As the years go by the acceptance of marijuana has slowly grown. It used to be that possession or use of the substance could get you plenty of jail time. In fact there are still

Trailer For ‘High Ground’ Sees The Hunter Become The Hunted

Samuel Goldwyn’s High Ground spent 2020 making its way around film festivals. Now this coming May it’s ready to make its way to your home On Demand and Digital. A former World War I sniper,

Travis Burns On His Experience Playing DJ Dreamcatcher [Exclusive Interview]

Travis Burns Interview for Dreamcatcher Fame can be such a double-edged sword. On the plus side, fame usually gets you money and opportunities that most people could only dream of. All this leading to a

Adrienne Wilkinson On Her Character Josephine In Dreamcatcher [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Dreamcatcher from Samuel Goldwyn Films will be available On Digital and On Demand this Friday, March 5th. This horror/thriller film takes a new look at the ever so popular sub-horror genre of slasher films. The

Jacob Johnston On His Directorial Debut Dreamcatcher [Exclusive Interview]

There are only so many ways that you can do a slasher film right? We have some classics like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream that come to mind when talking about