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Exclusive Featurette Introduces the Characters of Disney’s Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion

Don’t have to wait long for an all-Latinx cast for a superhero show. Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion is now on the Disney Channel that features two awesome Latinx superheroes with plenty of action and

Disney’s Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion | Scarlett Estevez and J.R. Villarreal Interview [Exclusive]

Latinx superheroes are slowly being represented in many indie films and for the first lead for Marvel’s upcoming El Muerto. However, Disney didn’t want to wait as it launched its first Latinx superhero television series

Scarlett Estevez and Alexis Carra on Fun Holiday Film Disney Channel’s Christmas Again?! [Exclusive Interview]

Can one ever grow tired of Christmas over and over again? Scarlett Estevez stars as the young girl who has to relive that holiday multiple times until she discovers the true meaning of the holiday