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Halloween Ends Wins The Box Office Weekend

The conclusion of David Gordon Green's Halloween Ends' won this weekend's box office numbers, despite having the lowest opening weekend number of all three films in the current Michael Myers trilogy. The film opened to

Smile Featurette Goes Behind the Scenes

It’s haunting when someone has a creepy smile. In the upcoming horror film Smile, the film plays into both the supernatural and psychological terror as smiles freak out a woman at every moment. The film

Paramount’s ‘Smile’ Announced As Fantastic Fest Opening Night Film

A smile is supposed to be comforting and a sign. Something that conveys pleasure, kindness, amusement, and happiness. But what happens when it becomes something sinister? Something that is on the face of a demon

Trailer | Paramount Pictures Presents Smile

Paramount Pictures presents its upcoming thriller, Smile. A story written and directed by Parker Finn (Laura Hasn’t Slept) with Sosie Bacon as the protagonist.   The Synopsis  After witnessing a bizarre, traumatic incident involving a