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Jungle Cruise Sails Into Lead at Theater Box Office

With Dwayne Johnson at the top of the ticket, his latest movie Disney’s Jungle Cruise takes the top spot at the box office with $34.2 million domestically at 4,310 theaters. Its global intake is more

Camille Cottin Talks About Filming Close To Home In Stillwater [Exclusive Interview]

The French actress Camille Cottin plays a colorful, lively Virginie in Stillwater. She brings some joy to the character played by Matt Damon at a disoriented moment in Bill's life. https://youtu.be/9cq1lPPeMUY The Synopsis  Unemployed roughneck

Stillwater | Matt Damon Plays A Father That Takes Matters Into His Own Hands [Exclusive Interview]

Matt Damon returns to the big screen with a different kind of role in Stillwater. Damon plays a character who's    battling his personal demons while trying to do what he considers to be the

Stillwater | Tom McCarthy Talks About Confronting Mistakes From The Past [Exclusive Interview]

The Oscar winner Tom McCarthy brings us the new film about human nature in Stillwater. A story about morality being corrupted by one's past.  https://youtu.be/9cq1lPPeMUY The Synopsis  Unemployed roughneck Bill Baker (Academy Award®-winner Matt Damon,