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Jigsaw Tops The Weekend, Suburbicon DOA

This weekend saw the wide release of Jigsaw, Thank You for Your Service, and Suburbicon. Sadly, only one of those films managed to do well this weekend. In number one is Jigsaw with a solid

Thank You For Your Service: Director Jason Hall Discusses Bringing The Truth And Realism of PTSD

We need to treat our veterans well after coming home from wars overseas. One of the biggest battlegrounds for many veterans will be the aftermath of war with their post-military lives. Thank You For Your

Thank You For Your Service Director Jason Hall Explains His Chat With Veteran Adam Schumann About The National Anthem Protests

Lots of controversy surrounds the National Football League these days. Players protesting during the national anthem, others upset at the ones who are protesting, and many fans are now boycotting the NFL. LRM had a

Thank You For Your Service Interview: Beulah Koale Describes Unusual Prep To Play A Soldier With PTSD

A soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder will go through wild emotional swings after coming home from war. These veterans laid their lives on the line only to be back in the country with little support

Thank You For Your Service Writer/Director Jason Hall On PTSD And Vet Injuries

This week will see the release of Thank You for Your Service. This film is the directorial debut of American Sniper writer Jason Hall, who also penned the script for the film. While war is a well-worn

Thank You For Your Service Interview: Veteran Adam Schumann Reflects On His Life Story Told On The Big Screen

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTl5SHYJxz4 Most Americans do not understand the trauma and stress that a lot of war veterans come back home with. Those experiences will change a person drastically in so many different ways. In Thank You

AMC to Offer Vets Up To 10,000 Tickets For Thank You For Your Service

Universal Pictures and AMC Theatres today announced that, on October 26, up to 10,000 free tickets will be presented to U.S. veterans and active-duty servicemembers for DreamWorks Pictures’ Thank You for Your Service—at more than