– by Seth McDonald

Lots of controversy surrounds the National Football League these days. Players protesting during the national anthem, others upset at the ones who are protesting, and many fans are now boycotting the NFL. LRM had a chance to attend a roundtable interview with writer/director of the upcoming film, Thank You For Your Service, and in the interview Jason Hall explained how veteran Adam Schumann (who is portrayed in the film by actor Miles Teller) feels regarding all the drama surrounding the NFL:

“I don’t know that these guys are really thinking about that. When I asked Adam about it, he said that he respects every man’s right, that’s what he fought for the First amendment. He fought for the First Amendment, Second Amendment and every other amendment. He will stand because he fought, and lost brothers wearing that flag, and he’ll stand, but he respects the right of every individual who chooses to do otherwise.”

With all that’s been going on in the U.S. right now, it’s clear that this is a very emotional matter for many folks. I have heard many veterans speak out in saying they fought for all rights and all speech, and that every American is entitled to express their views under the Constitution. Now, its probably safe to say that not every member of the military shares these views, and that this is another subject that will be debated until the end of time. This is what is great about our country, you can disagree with someone while acknowledging their right to express that which you disagree with.

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