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Batman Beyond Movie Starring Keaton Was Planned IF The Flash Did Well At The Box Office

According to a new rumor, a Batman Beyond movie starring Michael Keaton was being planned. However, only IF The Flash had done well at the box office. Instead, The Flash has severely under-performed for a

3 Reasons Why The Flash Bombed At The Box Office

The Flash has opened and so far it's box office has been poor. Today, I'm going to bring up the 3 main reasons why The Flash bombed. I guess we shall see if you agree

Opening Weekend Box Office For The Flash Lower Than Black Adam – Ouch

This one is an ouch for WB because the opening weekend box office for The Flash is lower than Black Adam. The Flash just came out and despite claims it was one of the better

Maribel Verdú Habla De La Magia En The Flash | Exclusiva

Maribel Verdú hace parte de otro éxito internacional al ser partícipe en la esperada película The Flash. Verdú nos trae el lado materno con el personaje de la madre del propio “Flash” interpretado por Ezra

The Flash Box Office Predictions & Does Hollywood Hate Redheads? | D-COG

The Flash Box Office Predictions & Does Hollywood Hate Redheads? | D-COG Today, the guys discuss their predictions for The Flash's weekend Box Office. Also, they discuss a weird trend in Hollywood with redheads. Welcome

What to Watch This Weekend – The Flash  

The Flash is the story of the fastest person on the planet. Being the Justice League’s one-man clean-up crew isn’t easy. If anything, for Barry Allen/The Flash (Ezra Miller), it’s downright lonely. His other superhero

Check Out BoxLunch’s Flash Collection Just In Time For The Film

BoxLunch, the popular pop culture retailer, is set to shake up the multiverse with its latest collection inspired by Warner Bros. Pictures' highly anticipated action-adventure film, "The Flash." In partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery Global

The Flash Reviews Are Mixed & SAG-AFTRA Authorizes Strike | D-COG

The Flash Reviews Are Mixed & SAG-AFTRA Authorizes Strike | D-COG Today, the guys discuss early reviews of The Flash, the SAG-AFTRA authorizing a strike, and Across The Spider-Verse! Welcome to the Daily Cup of

The Flash Gets Mixed Reviews But Currently Rated Fresh On RT

The Flash is getting mixed reviews after the embargo lifted yesterday and a stream of reviews hit. Though for now the movie is rated fresh on RT, which was not the case early doors. The

What Are The Must-Watch DC Movies Before Seeing The Flash?

As the anticipation builds for the highly anticipated finale for the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) film, "The Flash," fans of the Scarlet Speedster are eager to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of the character's