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The Lion King Is Getting A Follow-Up From Moonlight Director Barry Jenkins

The recent Lion King film gets a follow-up in the form of a prequel. While many film fans complain about Disney constantly going back to create live-action adaptations of their animated classics, there’s no doubt

Elementary School Fined For Showing The Lion King At Fundraiser, Bob Iger Apologizes Says He Will Donate To School

Emerson Elementary School, which is located in Berkeley, California recently found themselves on the wrong side of the House of Mouse. The school screened last year's remake of The Lion King during a PTA fundraiser.

Final Fantasy VII Music And A Major VFX Company Shutters Studio Leaving Many Shocked | LRMornings

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The Lion King Passes Up Frozen As Highest Grossing Animated Film (That’s Right, We Said It)

While The Lion King may not have been the critical juggernaut Disney was hoping for, there’s no doubt its actual box office performance has made the House of Mouse happy. What’s more, with a verified

Someone Deep Faked The Lion King Remake So That It Looks More Like The Cartoon

Okay, first of all, get your mind out of the gutter. This isn’t that kind of deep fake. This is something a lot more whimsical in nature. The Lion King recently hit theaters, and if

The Lion King: Audiences Disagree With Critics… Again

It never comes as a surprise when audiences love a film that critics hate. Critics are, well, too critical sometimes and get caught up in their own idea of what film should be versus what

The Lion King: Donald Glover On What Simba Taught Him

Although Disney’s The Lion King is getting mixed reviews, I personally enjoyed Director Jon Favreau’s take on the beloved animated film. In fact, I don’t think I’ve had that much fun in a cinema since

A Giant ‘VR Game’ Was Designed To Create The Lion King

Virtual Reality has come a long way since the likes of Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. Today it’s everywhere; theme parks, video games, and even on film sets. Yes, even Hollywood is no stranger to the growing

Who Will Be The New 007 And The Lion King Gets A Rotten Score | LRMornings

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The Lion King Not Feeling The Love Tonight On Rotten Tomatoes

Disney seems to have this live-action adaptation formula down. They know how to bring those iconic scenes from the original versions to life and how to create near-identical replications that please hardcore Disneyphiles. But, given